Sunday, September 18, 2005

Woopty Doo, I've got FO Two!!!

Yes indeed, my very first sweater is done. And even fits, no less.

Ribbon Tie Cardigan
Completed 9/18/2005
Lion Suede - Olive

Okay, okay, I know, there is no ribbon in the Ribbon Tie Cardigan. I need to go to JoAnn's Fabrics and look for a suitable ribbon to weave in. I'm hoping to find a few, so I can change the ribbon to match the rest of my outfit. And yes, that is in fact a coffee stain from this morning Starbucks right between my boobs. Thanks so much for pointing that out.

So, the sweater knitting experience really wasn't as bad as I expected my first one to be. I also don't know why I was so nervous about the whole picking up stitches thing. It was easy!!! However, if I knew then what I know now, I would've knit the neckband on a circular needle instead of the straight needle the pattern called for. Look at me, thinking I'm an expert after only one sweater!! Tee hee.

Speaking of circular needles, I took them out for my first spin yesterday. Granted it wasn't knitting in the round. I swatched for Tie One On, which is knitted flat but on circular needles. Yes yes, I know, no new projects until all THREE WIPs were FO's. Cut me some slack, okay?? Two WIP's are done now, and I need something good to work on Wednesday when I go to my first knitting group (more on that later in the week). Anyway, the circular needles were okay - a little awkward at first, but I think that is just a matter of getting used to the feel them. Also, I was just knitting a four inch swatch. I would imagine when knitting something bigger, it's actually easier because the weight of the project will hold the "wire" (or what ever the correct term is) down and out of your way. I'm really looking forward to knitting in the round - which will be on the project slated for after Tie One On - although knowing me, I'll probably cave and be working them both at once.

In non-knitting news, it was such a horrid week at work, Sweetpea and I decided we needed a little get-away. Off we went to an adult version of Disney Land, Mohegan Sun Casino!! We even treated ourselves to a night at The Mystic Marriott, a hotel near the casino - hence the Starbucks this morning, they have one in the lobby, is that heaven or what?? (Yes, I know, the hotel is actually in Groton, not in Mystic. Tell Marriott, not me!!). Yesterday I was really lucky - every slot machine I played was just dying to give me money. I was giddy thinking about all the yarn I was going to buy with my winnings. Today those very same slot machines took their money back. Waaa. This is why I don't quit my job and go to the casino every day. LOL.


chris said...

Okay, don't quite know what's going on here...I left a comment a few hours ago, but it's not showing up. If it mysteriously decides to show up later, then I apologize for the re-do. Your cardigan turned out GORGEOUS!!! I love the texture that the suede lends, and I'm LOVING the green. Fabulous job! Ooh... gratuitous coffee shot- hope it was hazelnut latte! :-) Sounds like you had a great weekend. But next time, take your winnings and buy the yarn first! LOL :-)

knittinmom said...

Whoo! She looks great! Congrats on the success of your first sweater - awesome.

And I love your coffee stain - makes me feel a little more normal, walking around with coffee, juice, baby barf, crayon, etc. on my shirt and usually a cheerio or two stuck to my butt...

Jillio said...

i the yarn first! haha.
man, wait til you start socks on two circulars! just for kicks, try one on double pointed needles first, then switch over to two circulars. it's genius, i tell you...genius!

Jen said...

You know, I never would have noticed the coffee stain if you hadn't pointed it out. I would have thought it was the camera.

anyway, congrats on finishing your first sweater! I still haven't done anything with sleeves yet, so you're ahead of me...

And because you're picked up stitches (for the collar?) and finished your first sweater, I think that officially makes you not a beginner.

Anonymous said...

Karen - love the FO!!! I agree, if you can pick up stitches, you are no longer a beginner.
Also, I don't have ANY white T'shirts without coffee stains - it is the end of white t'shirt season, isn't it?

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