Wednesday, September 14, 2005

SUCH a good mood

How odd is that? For me, lately, it's very odd. So I figured I would write something quickly before I turn back into my sour old crabby self.

SP6 is underway! I'm so very very excited. I heard from my match already and I just know it's going to be a ton of fun. May I also say, my hostess (who will have to remain nameless for now - just to prevent giving away any info that could spoil the secret) is very cool and I feel like she's already a new friend.

Also, to be even a bigger geek – I’m really excited that I’ve been getting comments from new people lately. How dorky is that. But really, I’m starting to feel like a real, legitimate blogger now – not just someone writing posts that no one will ever see anyway. Dork Dork Dork.

Sweetpea brought my poor dead laptop to a friend at work who’s great at all the computer type stuff, and hurrah hurrah, it is back in Sweetpea’s possession. All fixed up with the new memory (no more 20 minute waits for the darn thing to boot up). And I will have it back tonight!!! Yeah, I can now blog from the comfort of my couch. Such little things make me happy.

My goals of turning UFO’s into FO’s hasn’t been moving along quite so well. I’m going to fix that tonight. I have been working on Mom’s Dishcloth and will have it finished tonight or tomorrow (provided I don’t run out of yarn . . . .which has never been a concern in the past but there’s a first time for everything). I sewed the second arm seam for Miss-Actually-Fits this morning, so I just need to sew up the side and then I can make my first attempt at picking up stitches for the color. And I will, I will, I will finally block Baby Raglan tonight. Quite ambitious of me, huh?

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