Thursday, September 22, 2005

The big announcement

. . . . my very best friend is pregnant!!!!! Are you let down with my cliff-hanger? Yeah, I know, hearing that someone you don’t know anything about is pregnant isn’t really all that exciting. It’s very very exciting for me though, so I just have to gush. I’ve actually known about it for a few weeks but was sworn to secrecy, and you have to take BFF secrets very seriously. The new wee one will be here in March . . . which means I can knit tons of fun, cute little baby things . . . woo hoo. I know it’s going to be a girl – but since I’m just going on gut feeling I guess I’d better stick to non-gender specific colors until she actually arrives, in case she turns out to be a he. But she will be a girl, I just know it, and I have to really bring my knitting up to speed because now I will have someone to knit this (from Debbie Bliss "The Baby Knits Book") for!!!!!

My BFF is Heidi, and we have been best friends since 6th grade (omg, is that 26 years????). Through college when she was in Connecticut and I was near Boston, through grad school (for her) when she was in Illinois and I was in Connecticut. I was her maid of honor ten years ago when she got married. She was my whole wedding last year – maid of honor (I vowed not to make her be a matron), florist, decorator, toast giver and grower of our ring bearer (who as you can see, was thrilled)!!!! She is truly family. She is currently the most awesome Mom to my godson Zachary (aka the ring bearer). He is the cutest, sweetest, coolest little boy in the world, and is anxiously awaiting the birth of his baby brother. (Sorry Z-man, get used to the idea of a sister!!!)

So there you go. My big big news. Of course, people are already asking me all the time if I am learning to knit because I am pregnant, so knitting baby things should really get the rumors flying. Geesh people, lay off, Sweetpea and I are still enjoying our time as DINK’s!!!! Well get there . . . just not yet.


Jillio said...

DINKs? what are DINKs? that's so awesome for you and your friend! i don't have a BFF...i have a friend i consider one of my best friends, but i don't have a BEST friend, ya know? so i think people who do have BEST friends are really lucky. your head must be spinning with things you want to knit, though! and for a girl! i mean, not that it would be any less special than for a boy, but face it: you can have LOTS of fun knitting for girls. congratulations to both of you!

chris said...

Congratulations!!! I know how exciting it is when your best friend's pregnant. Mine is, too! She's due with her second (which I'm also convinced is a girl :-))on Valentine's Day, which is my daughter's birthday, too! That Debbie Bliss dress is sooo precious. Makes me wish the temp would drop below 80 degrees here so I could knit it for some little girl. :) Such a sweet pic of you and Zachary, too. Thanks for the info on DINK on Keohinani's page...I was wondering, too. And I say, ENJOY DINK time!!! BUY LOTS AND LOTS OF YARN!!! lol Because SIWK (single income with kids) means beans and rice for a looong time! (just kidding)

knittinmom said...

DINK - Dual Income No Kids (ahhh, I miss those days...). It will be interesting to see if your prediction is correct - I was convinced that my first was going to be a boy and my second a girl (so I'm 0 for 2). There are definitely many more cute things to knit for girls - why is that?

Christine said...

Oh, you must be sooo excited! I have lots of patterns and books for babies, and I'd be willing to share :)

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