Thursday, September 15, 2005

What do you know, I've got a FO

One step closer to my goal of turning at least three WIPs into FOs this week!! I finished Mom's Dishcloth last night, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

No mistakes!!! Woo hoo. I'm not crazy about variegated yarn in general, but this actually looks much better in real life than it looks in the picture.

The pattern is called Slanting Barrels. Again, they don't show so well in the picture, but they are pretty neat. It was a very easy knit too - which was kind of why I picked it. I haven't blocked it, but quite honestly, I never block dishcloths. Nor do I check gauge on them. This one came out about an inch bigger then the pattern, which is fine by me. A dishcloth will work just as well if it's a big bigger or a bit smaller. I think Mom will love it. And blue is her favorite color.

So, the past three nights I've had knitting dreams. Last night and the night before they were both about Airy Scarf, a WIP in Kidsilk Haze that I didn't have slated as one of the three projects I wanted to finish this week. In last nights dream, I was really screwing the knitting up royally. What should I infer from these dreams? That I need to work on Airy Scarf this week too? That I need to pay extra attention when knitting it, because the Kidsilk Haze is such a challenge for me? That my confidence in how Airy Scarf will turn out is pretty low? Or maybe just that I shouldn't snack before going to sleep!!

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chris said...

That blue colorway is pretty! I'm sure your mom will love the dishcloth. Ooh, Kidsilk Haze, huh? I love the gossamer effect it has when knitted up, but it looks tricky to knit with. I give you lots of credit! And BTW, I think it's just snacking before sleeping that's causing the bad knitting more chocolate before bed for me! *shiver*

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