Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-bye 2008

Here we sit, on the cusp of a brand new year. Many people like to look back over the past 366 days (it was a leap year, remember?) and do a little recap. But as I type, my stuffy head and scratchy throat seem very fitting. For me, 2008 was a pretty crappy year. Not to say it was all bad, but a lot of it was and ending it with an icky head cold seems fitting. So instead of doing an end-of-year recap, I've decided to end the year by blogging my completed Christmas knitting. Look for two more Christmas projects in early 2009 - since poor Pea's gifts are still on the needles.

First up, a scarf for my mom.

Dangling Leaves Scarf
Cast On: 22 November 2008
Completed: 11 December 2008
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted - Vetiver
Needles: US8 (5mm) Addi Circ
This gift was quite a special knit for me. While we were in Louisiana for my uncle's funeral, my family humored me with a trip to The Yarn Nook, which was less than a mile from our hotel. While there, my mom spotted this scarf, which was knit up as a shop sample, and commented several times on how pretty it was and how much she liked it. At the time I barely reacted (to make her think I wasn't listening), but as soon as I got home I set about finding the pattern. Thanks to the wonders of Ravelry, I found it was a Yarn Nook shop pattern and soon after I was knitting it up for mom. Although our trip was a sad one, I hope the scarf always brings her warm and comforting thoughts of her brother.

Next up was a gift for my god-son Zach. He's now 8 years old, so I thought he might be past the knitted stuffed animal phase. My best friend said he'd love a hat, so I whipped this up in his favorite color, BLUE.

Cast on: 24 December 2008
Completed: 25 December 2008
Yarn: Lion Wool - Midnight Blue and Patons Classic Wool - Wedgewood
Needles: US6 (4mm) and US7 (4.5mm) DPNs
This was such a fun pattern! I can see myself knitting many more of these as gifts for next Christmas. I only cast on 80 stitches and increased to 88, hoping it would fit Zach's head. It was a perfect fit, and he seemed really happy with it.

Last up, a gift for Zach's brother. Camden is 2 1/2, which means I can still get away with knitting toys for him for a few years. This year, I chose Sheldon.

Cast On: 20 November 2008
Completed: 6 December 2008
Yarn: Classic Elite Four Seasons - Green Print
Brooks Farms Four-Play
Needles: US5 (3.75mm)
I freaking love this pattern!!! So cute!
The Classic Elite yarn I used for the body was won in the very first blog contest I ever entered! It's just perfect for Sheldon. In fact, he knit up so cutely, I have to admit I thought about just buying a gift for Camden and keeping Sheldon for myself. That's not really in keeping with the Christmas spirit though, is it? So Sheldon has been gifted. Luckily, I think I have enough yarn left over to eek out my own Sheldon, if I use a different yarn for part of the shell.

That wraps up my Christmas knitting (so far) and my last post of 2008. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe night, and that all your dreams come true in 2009!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Houseguests for Christmas

Rox and Sox have come to stay while their owners are home in Germany for the holiday.  They wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  And so do I!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Holiday Poem

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the blog,
Not a new post was stirring, your time it won't hog.

Friends started e-mailing notes filled with care,
Wondering why updates had now become rare.

There's shopping and knitting and holiday crap,
I know I should post, but I all I want is a nap!

I'm cranky and blue and just keep feeling sadder
So I test my blood sugar to see what's the matter.

First it's too high, then it's too low
Holiday stress wreaks havoc on blood sugar, you know?

Bolus a correction when the highs appear,
And for those lows, gobble eight tiny reindeer.
(um, reindeer cookies!)

Then grab the knitting needles, so lively and quick,
And work on those gifts, just like St. Nick.

Less rapid than eagles my gifts how they came,
But I whistled, and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now, mittens! now, scarves! now, socks and toys!
On, lace! on cables! for girls and for boys!

To the top of the skein! to the top of the yarn ball!
Now knit away! knit away! knit away all!"

Then off to the mall in my car I flew,
To buy other gifts for the people I knew.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard in my head
The buzzing sound I've long come to dread.

I drew in my hand, and again pricked my finger,
Knowing I'd have a low that would linger and linger.

Shopping makes blood-sugar crash, from my head to my foot,
I need to sit down, eat something, stay put;

A bundle of candy I had flung on my back,
It's the reason my purse is as large as a sack.

The blood sugar woes make it hard to be merry!
And my muscles ache from the supplies I must carry!

I wish I'd stay home to knit one more row,
Instead of braving the mall and fighting this low;

But soon after the SweetTarts are safe in my belly,
My legs stop feeling as if they're made of jelly.

I'm feeling much better, a right jolly old elf,
And I laugh as I shop, in spite of myself;

A few more gifts from the list in my head,
Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

I make my way home, but then remember more work,
I've forgotten to bake cookies; I feel like a jerk!

A batch of shortbread, shaped like Christmas bows,
Just thinking of them and my blood sugar rose.

So much left to do, as my blog drops out of sight,
"Happy Knitting to all, and to all a good-night."

Friday, December 05, 2008

20 days . . .

That's right. Twenty days until Christmas.  Holy crap, I am so not going to be ready.  But instead of knitting, decking, shopping, baking and wrapping, what am I doing?  Blogging!  Blogging the fun Christmas Meme that's been making the rounds.  I love filling them out almost as much as I love reading them on everyone's blogs

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Both.  I like the look of wrapped gifts better.  But for the odd sized, hard to wrap presents, I'll cave and throw it in a gift bag.

2. Real tree or artificial?  REAL!!  My dad is allergic to pine, so we always had a fake one growing up and I always hated it.  (I think I might be mildly allergic too, but I ignore it.  I always get sick for Christmas.)

3. When do you put up the tree?  I tend to do things at the last minute, so usually the week before Christmas and it's hard to find a good tree.  (That's last years tree to the left, looking pretty sad.)  This year we are hosting the annual Christmas party for a group of friends, so we're getting our tree this weekend!

4. When do you take the tree down?  Again, the last minute.  Usually the day before the town will be collecting the dead trees.

5. Do you like eggnog?  Love it, but I haven't had it in years.   Why doesn't anybody make a low-sugar, Splenda eggnog?

6. Favorite gift received as a child?  Hmmmm, I don't know.  Santa always brought me great stuff, but I don't remember an all-time favorite.

7. Hardest person to buy for?  Dad.

8. Easiest person to buy for?  Mom.

9. Do you have a nativity scene?  Nope.

10. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards?  Mail.  And sometimes I make them myself.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?  It wasn't so much the gift, but what the gift-giver said.  A co-worked handed me a box of chocolates and said "I feel really bad giving you these because I know you can't have them."  Ummm, okay, then why did you pick them out for me?  (And by the way, I can have them, I just have to count the carbs and take insulin for them).

12. Favorite Christmas movie?  A Christmas Story.  And The Year Without A Santa Claus - because I love the HeatMiser!!  Oooohhh, and I know it's not a movie, but just thinking about the Schweddy Balls bit with Alec Baldwin from Saturday Night Live sends me into a fit of giggles every time.  I wish I could find it on YouTube or something.

13. When do you start shopping?  Mid-December when the panic sets in.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?  Yes, but only as a joke.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?  Christmas cookies!!  We have them for breakfast on Christmas morning.

16. Lights on the tree?   Lots of 'em.  White and non-blinking please.

17. Favorite Christmas song?   The Carol of the Bells.

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?   We go to my parents house.  They live two miles from my house, so it's not really traveling.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?  Sure can.  Can you?

20. Angel on the tree top or a star?  A star, as you can see in the picture.  It's made from grapevines.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning?   Christmas morning!!  I'd hate to spoil the surprise.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of the year?   Long lines and rude people in the stores.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color?   Errr, I don't know.  My decorating taste leans toward old-fashioned and country inspired things.

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner?  I love those spiral hams.

25. What do you want for Christmas this year?   Malabrigo!!!  (Doesn't every knitter want to find Malabrigo under the tree?)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The perfect knitting companion . . .

A good snack!  After all, a girl has to keep her strength up for all that Christmas gift knitting!

I had some bananas that were way too ripe, so I decided to bake up some banana muffins. I have plenty of banana nut recipes that I like, but I decided to try a new one this time. I popped over to Sugar, Spice & More Things Nice, which is a combination food and diabetes blog all rolled into one.  And I gave Rachel's Version of Banana Bread a try.

Oh my goodness.

I don't think I'll ever use another banana recipe again! I made a few mods, but they were minor. First, I cut the whole recipe in half. It still made a dozen muffins, which is plenty for me and Pea. Second, obviously, I made muffins instead of breads. I baked them just like I bake any other muffin recipe, for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. And lastly, because I was lazy I didn't do the topping. I'm sure it's awesome, but I loved these muffins without it.  And I only had semi-sweet mini-morsels, so that's the only chocolate in there.  But they're still so yummy!!  If a banana muffin had a torrid love affair with a bag of granola, these muffins would be their sinful love-child. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Everyone loves a toy, and a winner . . .

It's about time to wrap up the Quick Christmas Knitting Gifts contest, and I'd like to end with a suggestion of my own.  If you have little ones to gift to, why not whip up a knitted toy.  They are quick, inexpensive and oh so fun to knit. In fact, I've been working on Sheldon for my best friends son.

And he's almost done!

I just need to sew on his little legs.

He's so cute, I think I may knit one for myself too.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for.  Thanks to everyone who left me some quick gift ideas.  The Random Number Generator has spoken, and the winner is . . . .

Congratulations, Kathy. Please e-mail me your snail mail address, and I'll start getitng your prize together!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't over-think it . . .

Sometimes we get so caught up in gifting that we make things harder than they have to be.  We search endlessly for the most unique gift.  For the gift to top all gifts.  We lose the spirit of giving and the spirit of the season.

Don't put all that pressure on yourself.  Don't over-think it.  Don't overlook hats, scarves, gloves and mitts as quick and inexpensive gifts.  Boring?  Never!  I say they are classics.  Little treasures you've knit up to keep your loved ones warm.

Why not whip up a pair of Porphyria like Spincerely?
How about a Hat For a Boyfriend like Vicki?
Jenn suggests Fetchings and Calorimetrys.
And Julie points us to the Helping Hats pattern.
I might be working on a scarf myself, although I do need to update the picture.

Looks like I've got plenty of skeins in the stash that would keep the people I love warm on a cold day.  How about you?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fun with cotton . . .

Okay, so I failed my "post every day this week" goal by missing yesterday. Blame it on a Turkey Hangover. But to make amends, today's post has two quick and inexpensive gift ideas in one! Bring on the cotton.

Melissa suggested making washrags for some spa-themed gifts. What a great idea. There are tons and tons of washcloth / dishcloth patterns on Ravelry. Pair them up with some fancy soaps and you've got a nice little gift. Or tuck them into a basket of home baked goodies for a kitchen inspired gift.

Peanut suggested tawashi. Okay, I didn't know what a tawashi was, so Wikipedia to the rescue. Ah ha, little Japanese inspired scrubbies. Perfect for the kitchen or the bath too. She recommends the Wishy Washy Fishy Tawashi as a fun knit. Tee hee, I want to knit it just so I can say the project name over and over.

Need more cotton inspiration? How about these adorable holiday themed balls of Sugar n' Cream?

I found them in the craft store the other day, and snapped them up as part of the Crafty Gift Idea Contest prize. If you've submitted a suggestion, these may be on their way to you soon!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful . . .

As we work our way toward the end of 2008, I've been reflecting back over the year. And I'll admit that for the most part, it's been a pretty crappy one. I've had lots of things go wrong this year, and so have many of the people I care about. So when we ring in 2009 in just 34 days, I'll be glad to bid farewell to 2008.

But today is not about dwelling on the things that have gone wrong. And I'm glad, because I have so much in my life that I am thankful for.

My wonderful husband.
My family.
My friends, both in real life and on-line. And especially those who now fall into both categories.
My cute little house, filled with warmth and love and plenty healthy foods.  (And sometimes some not so healthy foods too!)
The four months I got to spend owning the best kitty in the world.
Having the supplies I need to manage my diabetes the very best that I can.
My yarn. I am so thankful for all my pretty yarn.

On this Thanksgiving, be sure to take special notice of all the things in your life that make you thankful. Never, ever take anything for granted.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the round, around town, with one foot on the ground . . .

Can you knit in the round? Can you knit around town? Can you knit with only one foot on the ground? If so, my entertaining friend Kathy suggests cowls as the perfect quick Christmas knit.

Coincidentally, I've just finished up a cowl myself.  This one isn't a Christmas gift, but I may make a few more for Christmas gifting.

Cast On: 12 November 2008
Completed: 20 November 2008
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted - Intenso
Needles:  Addi Natura US8 (5mm)

So yes, I can knit in the round. I can (and did) knit this cowl around town.  I'm sure I could even knit with one foot on the ground.  But Kathy, here's what I want to know.  Can you knit while hanging upside-down???

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick Socks

The first comment on my post yesterday was from Julie, with a few wonderful quick gift suggestions. My favorite was the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays.  Julie makes hers into slippers by adding slipper bottoms to the soles.

I can attest to the fact that this pattern is quick, since I used some Cascade 220 Superwash to knit one up for myself during our trip to Louisiana.

I've also given it a name inspired by my trip - Le Petit Sockon Rouge. Once the services for  my uncle were over, we spent some time visiting with my aunt and cousins.  One day they took us on the Tabasco Factory tour.  We learned about a little red stick called Le Petit Baton Rouge.  The pepper pickers use it to make sure the peppers are just the right shade of red before they are picked.  Leave it to me and Pea to get silly and dub my red sock Le Petit Sockon Rouge.

The second sock probably won't be finished until after my Christmas knitting is done, but you never know.  However, I do have plans to knit a pair for someone else on my Christmas list.  I bet someone you love would be thrilled with a thick, warm pair of cabled socks this Christmas too!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kicking it into high gear . . .

While other bloggers are posting daily as part of Nablopomo, I seem to be posting less often in November!  That sounds just like me.  So for my own small personal challenge, I'm going to post every day this week.  To both of my blogs.  It's time to kick my blogging into high gear.

With Christmas just 30 days away, it's also time to kick my Christmas knitting into high gear.

That's right.  A whole pile of barely knit stuff,  most of which I can't even blog about lest I spoil the surprise.  That should make for some great posting, huh?

Well, here's where you can help.  Melissa asked for some suggestions of quick and inexpensive knits for holiday gifting - and I'd like to ask the same.  Leave me your suggestions in the comments, and I'll share them in posts all week long.  And since I think I've finally gotten the hang of crochet, I'd love some easy crochet gift suggestions too.  Heck, any hand-made gift ideas at all would be great, regardless of the craft.

In fact, since the holidays are about giving, why don't we make this into a little contest.  At the end of the week, I'll randomly draw a suggestion for a little hand-made prize!  So get those suggestions rolling!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Seeing Red

Don't worry, I'm not seeing red because I'm angry.  The red I'm seeing actually more of a rosy pink.  It's on the tip of my nose, and on Pea's cheeks after his walk home from the train station each evening.  We're red because it's cold!

What can help?  Why, more red, perhaps?

My red Malabrigo Birthday Cowl should be done by tonight or tomorrow.  That should keep my cold nose nice and warm.  And as for Pea's cheeks?  Maybe I should cast on a warm red scarf for him next.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sugar Free Socks for World Diabetes Day

Today is World Diabetes Day, meant to raise awareness of diabetes.  In support of this, I'm dressed in blue, the official Diabetes Day color, and I have some things to share with you.  First up are some socks I knit for a dear Diabetes BlogPal to wear last month in a walk-a-thon.

Cast on: 3 October, 2008
Completed: 19 October, 2008

Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino
Needles: US3 (3.25mm) DPNs

Needless to say, this pattern is near and dear to my heart.  And so is Crystal, so when she told me she wished she had a pair of these socks to wear on her walk, I didn't hesitate to knit them up for her.  It's a really fun and quick pattern, and a portion of all pattern sales is donated to the ADA.

Up next I wanted to raise you awareness a little.  I think my blog pals know more about diabetes than your average person, just from reading my posts.  But last week, my cousins alerted me to a misconception that I'm sure many people have.

As I pulled out my meter to test my blood sugar, someone said "It's really great that they have those new machines out.  You don't have to prick your finger anymore".  Yes, that is true . . . but there is a catch.  These "new machines" still need blood to run the test.  No, you don't necessarily have to prick your finger.  You can prick your arm.  You can prick your palm.  You can prick your thigh.  My family was surprised by this.  Watching the commercials on TV, which simply say you don't have to prick your finger, led them to believe your blood sugar could be read without drawing blood.  Maybe someday . . . but not yet.  As for me, I still prick my fingers, because the blood from your finger will give you the most accurate reading.

So, I hope I helped raise your awareness a bit more today. If you'd like to hear a little more, hop over to my diabetes blog and read today's post, A Day in my Diabetes Life. And if you see someone wearing blue today, ask them to tell you a little more about diabetes (and send them my regards!). 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Witch In A Blender

Okay, okay, I know it's been almost two weeks since Halloween.  But if you'll indulge me in this last catch-up post, I promise there will be no more Halloween talk until next October.

Trick or Treat Feet, which I posted about yesterday, was a swap.  That means, of course, I also put together a package for a secret buddy.  When the swap partners were passed out, I was delighted to find that I'd be spoiling Carole.  Pretty cool, since I've met her at various fiber fests.

After looking at her blog and peeking in her Ravelry notebook, I noticed she had already knit several pairs of socks in earthy fall colors.  So I knew I wanted  to send her something a little different.  After perusing Etsy, I found the perfect Halloween colorway and the socks were on the needles.

Unfortunately, when Uncle Jack took a turn for the worse, my knitting time and energies were funneled elsewhere.  I finished the socks late, took a quick picture, and sent them off with my apologies and some extra goodies.

Cast On: 9 October 2008
Completed: 2 November 2008
Yarn: RazzyTazzyKnits - Witch in a Blender
Needles: Clover Bamboo DPNs US2 (2.75 mm)

I didn't take a shot of the treats I packed up.  But don't worry, you can still have a peek.  Carole posted it all, and she's a much better photographer than I am!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A week behind . . .

I can't believe it's almost mid-November already.  I feel like I lost a whole week while we were in Louisiana for Uncle Jack's funeral.  Halloween was pretty much a wash . . . but it wasn't all bad.  I did receive the greatest package in a Trick Or Treat Feet sock swap.  Never to late to share a swap package, right?

Oooohhh, spooky spider tissue paper. 

Let's see what's inside, shall we?

Oh my!  Jam packed with Halloweenie Goodness.  What's in there???

Wow, someone sure got spoiled!!  A Frankenstein dish, a skull candle, chocolate, Peeps and Pez, a Jack O Lantern mug, Halloween tissues (so cute!!), gummy worms and candy corn, a skeleton hand candle holder, wax fangs (fun!!) , floating pumpkin candles, ghost cookie cutter, Halloween votives, Pop Rocks (remember them?), a Halloween pad . . . and the socks.  Oh the socks!  The crowning glory!!

Vesper Sock Yarn in the Trick or Treat colorway!  Knit two at a time, toe up, by my talented and fabulous spoiler, ElizBeans.  They fit perfectly and I've already worn them more than once.  Thank you so much, ElizBeans!!!  I love everything.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fly High and Say Bye

First, indulge me in a little figure skating talk. Brasseur and Eisler, a Canadian pair team, had a daring move called "Fly High and Say Bye". It always brought the crowd to their feet. Wanna see it? Look for it around the 1:10 mark in this video.

Fun, huh? But why take a walk down figure skating memory lane with the "Fly High and Say Bye"? Well, that's not so fun. My family is flying high on a trip to say bye to my Uncle, whose long battle with cancer ended early Saturday morning.

Uncle J, Mom and Aunt M. April 1949.

Bye, Uncle J. I'll miss you teasing me about my knitting. I'll miss "fixing" your coffee just the way you like it. (Black, no sugar) I'll miss comparing medical devices with you. But I'm glad you are in a better place, whole and free from pain.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Idiot Switch

Yeah, this Oil Burner Emergency Switch must have gotten switched to Off some time during the summer.  Since we have gas heat, I've never paid attention to that switch.  I just figured it was an old switch left from an old oil burner that had been taken out before our gas furnace was put in.

One flick of the switch, and we have heat again.  Okay,so the repair man must think we're idiots.  But at least we don't have a huge repair bill to pay!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brrrrrr . . . .

The weather has gotten really cold here in the past couple of weeks.  And as an added bonus, our furnace seems to have decided it's not quite ready to come back to work for the winter.  So it's been very icy in the house, and I think that's the reason the cold that followed me home from Rhinebeck stayed all week and sapped my energy.

The plus side to a cold house is that it's the perfect excuse to layer on the hand-knits.  And speaking of hand-knits, I still haven't shared the final pictures of my February Lady Sweater.  Actually, the On Location Rhinebeck Shots are pretty horrendous, so let's just start with the stats.

Cast On: 10 August 2008
Completed: 2 October 2008
Yarn: Knit Picks Andean Silk, Cinnamon, 9.3 skeins
Needles: Knit Picks US8 (5mm) circ

What?  You still want to see the pictures?  Well, okay - but don't laugh too hard at the funny faces I'm making.  The first shot I like to call "Funny Smile".

The second one was a pose that clearly didn't work for me, causing me to call this picture "Looking Fat".

And last, we have "Clearly Not Ready".

Not sure what I was looking at, but maybe I had spied some pretty yarn nearby!!  I do remember being nervous because I wasn't quite sure I was supposed to be standing so close to the landscaping.  Don't worry, I was careful not to trod on the plants.

Only one more day until Mr. Furnace Repairman comes to bring us heat again.  Until then, it's me and my knits!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Yarn and Fiber causes colds?

Nope, I know it's not true.  Sure, I'm on the couch suffering from a cold - but it can't be from Rhinebeck, can it?  Ah well, even if my cold was caused by Fiber Overload, it was worth it!  Here's a quick rendition of my day, in pictures.

The ride up is always nice, with little traffic and wonderful scenery.  

Okay, maybe Pea looks like he was dreading the day!!

First stop (after a frantic run to the Ladies Room after drinking a large coffee on the way up) was The Fold booth, and it's wall of Socks That Rock!!

I managed to find a few that wanted to come home with me.

Where to go next? I know, lunch!! Mmmm, pierogies. My Polish knitting grandmother would approve!

We saw this little bunny. He was so cute I was tempted to bring him home with us.

The rest of the afternoon? Yarn, yarn . . .
. . . and more yarn.

And some wine tasting for Sweetpea. You don't think he goes to Rhinebeck for the yarn, do you?

And now, I'm stuck on the couch with a stuffy head, a sore throat, and plenty of aches. So does yarn and fiber cause colds? Maybe it does. But I don't mind. I simply take a look at the skeins that followed me home . . .

and I know I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!!

What other knitters did I bump into in my travels?  Details on my February Lady Sweater?  More about all the yarn I bought? Let's save that for next time - after I've had more chicken soup and rest.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A year ago today . . .

I ventured out onto my front porch with a cat carrier and some treats.  For the first time ever, I set about coaxing a cat into a carrier.  A few hours later, after a trip to the vet, Charlie was ours.

I can't believe it's been a year.  I can't believe he's gone.  Sometimes I think I dreamed the whole thing.

Missing him still hurts . . . . a lot.  Especially today.  But it's so worth the 4 months we got to spend with him.  I'd never trade those days for anything.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


No, I'm not talking about my age!!!  Goodness, I'm still adjusting to turning 40, ack!  (It's okay, I don't look a day over 39 1/2).  I'm talking about the weather forecast for that thing knitters on the East coast are in a tizzy over. It's going to be in the 50's on Saturday.

Lucky for me, my second batch of buttons for Feb. Lady arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  Lucky for me again, they match much better than the first set did.

Yeah, that's more like it.  A few quick stitches on my new buttons and M'Lady and I will be all set for Saturday.  I'll be one of the bazillion knitters at Rhinebeck in a hot-off-the-needles February Lady Sweater!

And  yes, I took that picture in the back yard.  I used to worry what the neighbors would think about the girl hauling yarn out for pictures.  But we've seen our neighbor, more than once, in his yard wearing nothing more than tighty whities.  He always apologizes, but it doesn't seem to stop him.  And the sad thing is, that isn't even the neighbor who we call The Weird Neighbor.  So yeah, yarn and hand-knits on the grass are looking like the least of our neighborhood worries!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Petition for a Doodle

November 14th is World Diabetes Day, a day to raise awareness of diabetes. I'm sure most of you have seen the great logos Google uses to mark holidays and events. They call them doodles, and the diabetes community is hoping Google will put one up for World Dabetes Day.

Here's how you can help. Please go sign a petition that will be presented to Google on November 1st. We're hoping to have more than 20,000 signatures, so we need your help!!