Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog Pals are the best!!!

You guys are great. You left such nice comments on Blogger . . . and sent e-mails when Blogger was being crabby . . . and Sweetpea and I are so touched by your concern and well-wishes for FIL. Chrissy, Miss Spazz, Keohinani and Candsmom, I truly believe you can be friends with someone you haven't met in person. And you guys are terrific friends. Thanks also to Christine for the good advice about second opinions, he's seeing another doctor today to do just that. I'll keep you guys posted if we have some new news.

So, did you click on all those links? Well, click again and check out Chrissy's new self-made template!! Isn't it awesome? It's giving me the itch to spend some time trying to customize mine and come up with a banner. I can see it in my head . . . . but how to get it into the computer? I'll have to give it a whirl in my spare time - ha ha ha ha ha. Have I mentioned we leave next Friday for a 9 night cruise (assuming no more hurricanes hit - it's a Caribbean cruise). Yeah, spare time . . . sure. My real concern is how will I live cut off from my blogging for that long. (But don't tell Sweetpea - he takes it personally.)

Okay, on to knitting. Tie One On is coming along pretty well! I feel like it's going fairly quickly and it is definitely a very easy knit. (I'm glad I chose the tangy instead of the mellow - I think I would have been bored.) Circular needles sure are fun!! I've finished the first ball of yarn, and I really don't have a lot of knitting time so my projects are always slow going. I know you would think I had lots of knitting time over the weekend while sitting in the hospital, but just the opposite was true. I didn't knit at all until Sunday when we were back home and trying to destress. So I'd say it's knitting up pretty quickly.

On that note, I'm off to order some more yarn (after all, I'm practically done with the shawl - ha ha ha) and knit some more until lunch time is over. Damn, I could get so much more knitting done if it weren't for this stupid work stuff. Oh well, gotta pay for the yarn somehow.


Jillio said...

yeah, that work stuff does get in the way, doesn't it?
wow, a cruise!?! that sounds like such fun!
your tie one on looks great! i'll have to try that...eventually. and seriously, circular needles are the best. i hardly use my straights anymore...though i did use it for clapotis...
anyways, i agree with your friend's comment in the previous post to get a second or perhaps even a third opinion regarding your FIL. (aside: is it just me or does opinion look like onion?)

Jen said...

9 day cruise!!! just the way to relax after a stressful weekend. Where islands are your ports of call? I went (with my parents) a couple of years ago, and it was quite nice to just sit around and do nothing for most of the time. Lots of time to knit without that pesky job getting in the way.

Tie one on is coming along very nicely! The sparkly grey looks sooo good against the brown and despite your initial trepidation about the colors, I think the Filatura di Crosa is going to fab and work well with a lot of stuff given the earth tones!

chris said...

It's amazing how blogging creates a real community, of sorts. I really feel like you get to know people in the ways that matter most- what they feel, what they think, etc. I'm glad your FIL is doing well and is getting a second opinion. That always helps. Ooh, have fun on your cruise!! How terrific is that? You two deserve some R&R after all the stress and worry this past weekend. Tie One On is looking great!! I love the colors. And you NEVER need an excuse to buy more yarn. ;)

knittinmom said...

Thanks for the great compliment about my new template...I'm blushing! I love tie one on. I might make that with the pink yarn I got at the fiber fest last weekend...it would be perfect.

Have fun on the cruise - I can't wait to hear all about it (and live vicariously through you, since we don't do fun trips anymore...)!

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