Wednesday, September 21, 2005


No, not my post . . . although I did have a close call when Blogger decided to do some kind of maintenance thingie just when I needed to save. Luckily, I cut and pasted to Word just before Blogger ate my hard work.

No, it's the TV show LOST!!! The hatch, the hatch . . . what's in the hatch. My friend Dave forced me to start watching Lost last year (yes, forced me . . . Dave is like that . . . usually I just ignore him, but this time he was right so maybe I should give in more often). I've been waiting all summer for this, and since I'll actually want to pay attention to this show, it will be a good test to see how much knitting I can get done while actually WATCHING TV instead of just unintentionally tuning it out while I knit.

Speaking of knitting, I have actually started Tie One On (no, I haven't blocked Baby Raglan yet . . . I'll get to it this weekend, I promise). I am really starting to love love love working on circular needles. So much fun. I'm not loving the yarn . . . it's very blah in color (you'll have to just picture it in your mind, because my camera batteries are dead once again so I couldn't upload a picture like I wanted to). The texture isn't great either. It's not exactly scratchy, but it sure isn't soft, silky or cuddly. Maybe I should have shopped around a little more. Oh well, the shawl is just to keep at work when the air conditioning is too high, and also mostly for practice. I've never cast on more than 90 stitches, and this took 187, so it's a new challenge for me. It's harder to keep track of your loops when there are almost 200 to count. Somewhere on the 5th or 6th row, I had lost two stitches somewhere. I think I accidentally K2tog a couple times on the boarder . . . oops. I took the lazy way out and just increased one stitch on either end. You really can't tell the difference, but I know I should have ripped back and done it right . . .right?

I'll post a picture of it tomorrow when my camera is back in business. I also have some big news to announce - how's that for a cliff-hanger??

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chris said...

Would it excite you to know that the producers of 'Lost' rented out my DH's workplace to use as a cafeteria for the cast and crew? So apparently, the DH has met everyone in the show, but it's kind of lost (pun intended) on us, since we've never watched (making us 2 of the 10 Americans left who haven't, apparently) the show. Verrrry curious about the cliffhanger. Never been good about delayed gratification. BTW, Ripping Rows Rules are made to be broken.

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