Tuesday, September 06, 2005

LYS Rant

Saturday afternoon, after our haircuts, Sweetpea took me to a LYS only a mile from our house. I really had hoped I would love the place . . . but unfortunately I don't think I'll be back there. The people were nice enough, but last month I went to a yarn store near work and the people there were the nicest ever!!! The yarn store near home didn't have most of the yarns I was looking for. Yes, they recommended similar yarns that should work with my patterns, but the store near work had exactly what I was looking for that day. And the store near my house smelled faintly like . . . . well . . . . there was a cat there, so I guess you can make the connection. The cat swatted at Sweetpea when he petted her. Overall, it just wasn't the best experience - but maybe that's good. I guess it could be dangerous to have a terrific yarn store a mile from your house. Anyway, I've decided Knitting Central (near work) is my official LYS.

So I did get yarn for my next projects. This yarn is for Tie One On, a shawl from Knitty I'm going to attempt. I'm going to be optimistic and try the tangy one instead of the mellow. The darker yarn is Filatura Di Crosa College, which is the only yarn I needed that they actually had. I'm not crazy about the color, but it was the best of the pick and since the shawl is just to throw over me at work (and also for knitting practice), I took it anyway. The contrasting yarn is supposed to be Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, but they didn't have that. I already forgotten what yarn this one is, but it's the right weight and goes well with the MC, so I chose it. It doesn't feel very silky though.

I bought this yarn for Tempting,which will be my first attempt at knitting in the round. (Scary!!!) Again, this one called for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, which they didn't have. I do like the color of this yarn, it didn't photograph well, but is a deep purple . . . a good alternative to basic black. Against my better judgment, I let them talk me into buying one more ball than the pattern called for. (Maybe I should have never admitted to being a new knitter). I don't know why I fell for it - I always have plenty of extra yarn. In fact, I finished the baby raglan tonight (pics coming soon) and haven't even started the third ball of yarn. In that case I don't mind, because maybe I'll knit him some booties. But what will I do with an extra ball of dark purple yarn?? (Or more likely one full ball and two thirds of another ball!!!)

So, I spent far to much money. Sweetpea didn't flinch . . . well, maybe he flinched a little, but I tried to tell him it would cost twice as much it I bought the clothing pre-made at Ann Taylor and that what I knit will be heirlooms for our future children . . . sometimes you have to lay it on thick!! I also didn't get quite what I was looking for, but maybe in the long run it's better (read: safer) to have your favorite yarn store 15 miles from your house.


Jen said...

Your ears must be burning! I just posted about you and off you go commenting on my blog.

I've heard that aurora 8 is one of the best merinos around, so you'll have to let me know how it works out for your Tempting top. The Cashmerino is so expensive I can't bring myself to buying it at a LYS for $10 a ball amd still needing 7-8 balls for a sweater since the yardage is pretty standard, but it's SOOO soft! Is Aurora 8 soft too? I was going to substitute all seasons cotton for mine since let's face it Cali just doesn't get cold enough for 100% wool, even if it is short sleeved!

I don't know about the winter. I've heard it's already getting cooler in other parts of the country. Not here of course... Does it ever?

Christine said...

I live in CT, too. Knitting Central is nice. There is a new needleshop on the corner of the post road and wilton avenue. She has a lot of the yarns you were looking for. It's the black building and the name is The Needlework Shoppe. Also, you should try Knit Together in Stamford....huge, i tell you! OH, and I would love to know which LYS had the cat. Please email me, please :)

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