Saturday, September 10, 2005

A little Hope, a little Faith, not much knitting

Don't you hate when you're so busy you barely have time to knit? That's what this week has been like for me . . . and the fact that I'm getting hooked on more and more blogging isn't helping either.

Yesterday, Sweetpea and I bailed out of work early and went to Long Island to be part of the studio audience for Hope and Faith. Now I don't actually watch that show, but I was offered the tickets through work (wow, an actual perk - those are rare these days) and thought it would be neat to see how a sitcom was taped. It really turned out to be a lot of fun - although the taping ran about an hour and a half longer than usual. The cast all seemed to be genuinely nice in real life. From what I could tell, Kelly has no ego at all.

Today we're off to NYC to see SpamAlot on Broadway. I've heard good things about it (okay, it's not exactly sophisticated, but you gotta have fun sometimes too) and I'll report back tomorrow. I'm thrilled to see David Hyde Pierce and Tim Curry on stage (yes, I was a Rocky Horror groupie in the 80's), but a bit disappointed because I thought Hank Azaria was in it too but I guess he's left already. Oh yeah, and the train ride back and forth will give me some much craved knitting time!!!!

In a lame attempt to add some knitting content to this post, here is a picture of the Baby Raglan, all knitted up and laid out, waiting to be blocked and sewn.

I have been asked why I'm making a sweater to give to a couple I don't even like. Good question!! For one, I actually do kind of like the father . . . he's odd and lacking in social graces, but basically a good guy. And we were invited to (what I assume was) the Baby Naming (from what I understand of the Jewish faith it's kind of along the lines of a Christening to the Catholics), and although we didn't go I now feel obligated to send a gift. That said, I also figured this would be good knitting practice, and if I make a small mistake or two I'm not so heart-broken (as I would be when my best friend has another baby and I'm knitting for her). And, as Chrissy pointed out, it's certainly not the baby's fault he has weird parents!!!

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knittinmom said...

Baby Raglan is going to be so adorable...and I totally understand the whole obligation thing!

One thing I do miss about being in LA is the close proximity to good theatre (and sitcom tapings). We got to see The Producers w/ Martin Short and Jason Alexander - fabulous! I would be totally disappointed to miss Hank Azaria, too - I just love him, being the huge Simpsons fan that I am... We almost went to a taping of Joey before we left LA, but it got canceled at the last minute and I ended up having to get an amniocentisis that day! I would've rather gone to the taping, but oh well. It sounds like it was a great time! Please report back on SpamAlot, too.

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