Tuesday, September 23, 2008


What is that sound? It's the sound of a slot machine jackpot!!  Although to me, those bells are ringing out "Yarn-Yarn-Yarn"!

It's been pretty busy  here lately, and Pea and I are starting to feel like the only time we see each other is when we collapse glassy-eyed in front of the TV. So over the weekend we decided to take time out for an adventure to our favorite playground for grown-ups, Mohegan Sun. We haven't been there in a while because it really isn't in our budget. But we emptied our change jars, cashed in our coins, and hit the casino!

Slots are my game. I usually play the quarter or nickel machines. But for some strange reason, a penny machine caught my eye. I figure you never win much on a penny machine, but decided to play a bit for fun. That turned out to be a wise move on my part, because soon after I hit for over $200!!! On a penny machine!!

I replenished the funds Pea and I had gambled away. Then we had a nice lunch and played a bit more. I was feeling kind of silly, because by that time I was only up by $60. Maybe I should have stashed more of my winnings away.

Just then, another penny machine caught my eye. I sat down, put in $20, and started to play. LING-LING-LING-LING. I hit again, for over $200!!!!! I couldn't believe my luck! We played a bit more, but I was smarter this time. I came home with $200 safely in my pocket in my Fiber Fund.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Yarn P*rn of the Week - Spring Break

Claudia Hand Paint Fingering
Spring Break colorway

Okay, it's not exactly Spring.  In fact, in a few days it will officially be Fall.  And it sure feels like Fall this morning (which means I can wear hand-knit socks again - whoopee!!).

I didn't buy this yarn on Spring Break either.  I bought it back in July on my Family Reunion.  

I think the gorgeous colors in this yarn will get me through the long, cold winter with thoughts of spring and reminders of my great vacation in July!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Slow Sleeves

The body of my February Lady Sweater went fairly fast.  Okay, towards the end I felt a bit like I was in the knitting black hole and the body just wasn't growing.  But that didn't last long and soon I was done.

But this first sleeve . . .

. . . . this first sleeve is taking FOR.  FREAKING. EVER.

And I still have the second one to knit.  I thought about just one sleeve as a fashion statement - but I don't think that's a statement I want to make.  So I'll knit on.

Oh, and buttons?  Yeah, still don't have any yet.  I guess the sleeves can take as darn long as they want to!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

There are no words . . .

We will always remember.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Always listen to the voters . . .

Nope, I'm not giving advice to the candidates.  I'm talking to myself.

Last week or so, I had that poll up asking for help choosing the buttons for February Lady.  Only 13% liked Choice 2, the green buttons.  Choice 1 and Choice 3 were neck-and-neck through most of the voting, with Choice 3 eking out the win by one vote.  But I was still worried.  I was afraid those oblong buttons wouldn't fit through my button-holes.  So I went with my gut and ordered Choice 1. They arrived yesterday.

They are beautiful!  I love them.  The workmanship is amazing.  They are true treasures.  The problem . . . .?

Their color looks TERRIBLE against my sweater.  It's rainy here today, so the colors in my picture are off (yeah, that's right, I'm blaming the rain).  But trust me, their shade of brown DOES NOT go with the brown of my sweater.  Even Pea agreed that they just don't match - and if he can tell it doesn't match, it has to be bad

So I have learned my lesson.  When you put up a poll, listen to the results!!  Don't ask for advice and then do the opposite - that's just mucking up your karma.  I have learned my lesson.  I'm saving my pennies for another set of buttons.  A set I will buy in a store, where I can hold them up to my sweater.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Time to walk again . . .

I recently posted about how I'm lucky to have diabetes. And I honestly mean it. There are far worse diseases I could be dealing with. Diabetes takes work and discipline, but I've learned to manage it as best I can. But you know what would make me feel even luckier? A cure for diabetes.

I'm lucky that I'm still in good health. The thought of things my future could easily hold are scary. The thoughts of the complications. Loss of sight. Loss of limbs. Failure of kidneys. Heart disease. Nerve damage. These are very real. I've seen statistics that state that 4 out of every 10 people with diabetes will develop complications. And that scares me.

We need a cure. And so, Pea and I are walking again. My mom is walking with us this year. I've created a little team called "Finger-Sticks and Hand-knits". Finger-sticks for all the blood testing I do (8 to 10 times per day). And hand-knits as a tribute to all the wonderful knitters who so generously gave me their support when I walked last year.

If you'd like to help out this year, please click to be taken to my walk page where you can make a donation. If you'd like to spread the word on your blog, I'd be very grateful. If you are in the area and would like to join our walk team, look for the "Click Here to Walk With Me" button on my donation page and join us!! And if someone you love has diabetes, be sure to let me know in the comments. I'll be walking for your loved-one too!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My weekend, in numbers . . .

6.3 - results of my A1C test at my doctor's appointment Friday morning!!  7.0 is good.  6.5 is better.  I've never been lower than 6.4, and it didn't last.  I wasn't sure I'd ever get back under 6.5, but I did it!!!  This is my best test result ever!

1.5 - number of hours it should've taken us to drive to Long Island for Pea's cousin's wedding on Friday.

5 - number of hours it actually took us.

45 - number of minutes we had to get showered and dressed before the luxury bus took us from the hotel to the wedding site.  (Somehow we made it)

2 - number of hours I lasted at the wedding before my migraine forced me to "lose" the few appetizers I had eaten.  (Not fun.)

0 - number of dinners eaten at the wedding, drinks drunk at the wedding, dances danced at the wedding.

27 - number of dollars it cost us to take a taxi back to the hotel so I could go straight to bed even though it was only 9:30.

dozens - number of family members we finally got to visit with at the post-wedding-day brunch on Saturday morning.  Luckily we made it to that.  The headache was gone, at long last, although I felt a bit hung over (and didn't even get to have the big party Friday night to make it all worth while!!)

3 - number of scary hours spent in the ER on Sunday  This time it was poor Pea and a weird "spot" on his tongue.  He has to go see a specialist this week, but it seems to be an icky side-effect to the acid reflux he's been experiencing.  (I'd tell you more, but it's too gross!)

34 - number of years old Pea turned yesterday.  We had a wonderful time celebrating this weekend (uuummmm, aside from the traffic and the migraine and the ER visit).

And last but not least,

1 - number of pairs of finished footies!!!

Pattern: My Own, based loosely on the Fetching Mitts
(but I knit the cables in pairs with one crossing front and one crossing back)
Cast On: 23 July 2008
Completed: 28 August 2008
Yarn: Elann Esprit - just one ball!!
Needles: US 7 (4.5mm) DPNs

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!

You make every day an adventure, and we are so lucky to have found each other!!!  I love you so.