Friday, September 16, 2005

Who loves Mr. UPS Man???

I do, I do!!! Just lookie here at what he brought me today?

My Knit Picks loot!! The yarn and circular needle is for Tivoli. I know, Cherry is a rather bright color for someone who said in the SP6 questionnaire that they gravitate toward neutrals (my secret pal already pointed out that I'm working on quite a few colorful things). I guess I am starting to branch out. I also should mention that I tend to contradict myself all the time. Yes, I order a hamburger with no onions, and a side of onion rings. Don't ask, trying to figure me out could drive you nuts. The rest of the stuff I ordered just to bring my total to $30, because then the shipping was free. In my little mind, buying more to get free shipping makes perfect sense. When you pay for shipping you have nothing to show for it, but if you use the money on merchandise, you get a new row counter and a bottle of wool wash!!

I suppose I should just bite the bullet and join the Tivoli Knit Along . . . I've been getting plenty of encouragement in the form of blog comments and I guess maybe I'm ready for the challenge. Miss McSpazzitron has offered her support and said it's not as bad as I think it is. And my secret pal questioned my still calling myself a beginner knitter (I really am though, trust me).

Speaking of my new secret pal, may I just say I really like her already! Probably the best thing I ever did was decide to sign up. I just hope I can also be a good pal to my secret pal.

Oh, and on the subject of signing up for new things, I finally stopped living under my rock and checked out what this BlogLines thing is. Is it just me, or is the web site not the most user friendly for a beginner? But now that I've figured it out, wow, it could be really, really dangerous. It makes it far to easy to track tons of blogs - and that is really cutting into my knitting time.

Which is my was of saying, it's now Friday and I still have a total of one FO. Bad bad bad girl. Baby Raglan is still not blocked and the side seam of Miss-Actually-Fits is only half done. So much for the goals - I seem to have no problem setting them, but am not so good on the follow-through. I did, however, knit a few more rows on Airy Scarf - seemed the thing to do after those Kidsilk Haze dreams I had. I can't decide if I love or hate that yarn. One minute it's like trying to knit with a spider web and I'm ready to throw in the towel, the next minute the rows start going really well and I decide it's not so bad after all. I guess I'll stick it out for now.


chris said...

You gotta love Knit Picks and free shipping!! (And I use the excuse about spending my money on merchandise instead of shipping, too, waaaay too often with them. :)) I think Tivoli would look great in that color. I need to check out BlogLines...but you're right about blog reading pre-empting all other aspects of life, especially knitting, ironically enough! :-P Bloglines would make me an addict with an enabler- Oh no!

Jillio said...

oOoh...yarn *drool*
the word verification for comments picks the weirdest things! "ymdshuai" is that even a word?!

knittinmom said...

Yay! You got your Knit Picks! And Addis - I'm so jealous. I went to get some at my LYS and they didn't carry them. Guess I need to find some more stuff to order from Knit Picks...

That is too funny that you're having knitting dreams! It really is an obsession, isn't it?

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