Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day!!

It sure is nice to have an extra day added to the weekend, isn't it? Maybe we should do this every week? Yeah, I don't think upper management will go for it either.

Obviously, I didn't get any blogging done this weekend. But, I have gotten some knitting done . . . and plan to get much more done this afternoon.

Saturday morning, Sweetpea (DH) and I went for haircuts, and I brought along the baby sweater to keep me occupied. I had finished the back (or front) and was starting the first sleeve. It uses m1inc, which I have never done before . . . . but didn't look too hard to master when I read the instructions. So what happened when I did my first row? A BIG HOLE ON EACH INCREASE!!! Obviously I have a problem following directions.

Just then, a women came over and told me she's a knitter too and would love to see what I was working on. Bless her heart, knitters are just the kindest people on earth!! Not only did she stroke my ego (according to her, I do beautiful work - ha ha ha) but she not only taught me the correct way to M1 . . . she showed me a way that was so much easier than in the book.

The rest of the sleeve has been successfully completed - sans holes. I know, I know, the proper thing to do would have been to frog back and correct my mistaken M1's. I didn't. I'm horrid. Here's the thing. The friends this baby sweater is for . . . well, they're not the best of friends, more of acquaintances. The guy is kind of weird . . . and his wife, she's just awful. We don't really invite them around anymore because she is so rude to everyone. And they literally live in filth. I mean, everyone's house get a little neglected at times. Right now I'm sure mine could be much cleaner. But theirs . . . . it should be condemned. We went there once, for a party (doesn't everyone clean before a party) and never again. I didn't drink any soda because I was afraid to need to use the bathroom. From the reports I got back from others who did, I made a smart choice. So anyway, the realistic part of me knows they are not going to properly care for this sweater. It's machine washable, but how much do you want to bet they won't wash in on COLD and they will throw it in the dryer. So the little holes can stay . . .besides, with the rolled edge you can barely see them anyway. (Since when have I lost my perfectionist tendencies????)

Next post . . . Saturday's trip to a LYS!!


knittinmom said...

What I want to know is, why are you knitting something for people that you don't even like??? Although I guess it's not the baby's fault that he's got bad parents...

Jen said...

I wondered the same thing... You must truly be a dogooder.

I too had the problem of gaping holes when I first tried M1 increases. Then I figured out that the holes are created when I don't knit the stitch so the base is twisted. Otherwise, your M1 increase turns into the equivalent of a YO on the previous row (albeit a tight one). On the flip side, it comes in handy when there was supposed to be a YO on the previous row and you forgot it. No need to frog back just to add the YO. Just pick up the strand between the stitches like M1 increase, but don't knit into the loop like you were going to twist it. Insta-YO!

Sorry, I'll get off my box now.

Baby is lucky either way to get a handknit sweater. Maybe that way the baby won't turn out like the parents...

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