Monday, September 12, 2005

Setting some goals

Okay, here is my goal for this week. To turn at least three (if not FOUR) of my WIPs into FOs. Before you think I'm very ambitious, I have ulterior motives. I've promised myself I won't start Tie One On, or Tempting, or even joining the KnitAlong for Tivoli when the yarn comes (which according to Chrissy could be a long. long time) until I have most of my current WIPs done. I've kind of given up on HairBall for the moment, and am not pushing myself too hard on Airy Scarf . . . but the other three MUST be done.

So this morning I started the last seam of Miss-Actually-Fits . . . . but had a problem and had to rip it back out. Don’t you hate when you spend time working on something you’ve been putting off, and then make no progress what so ever. Me too. Tonight I have grand aspirations of blocking Baby Raglan so I can get those seams sewn too. Wish me luck . . I was stuck at work until almost 7 pm and I’m exhausted. If I can’t work up the ambition for that, at least I can knit a bunch of rows on Mom’s dishcloth. But for now, I'm off to make dinner.

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knittinmom said...

You are ambitious! I wish I had your self control, but obviously I don't!

You'll have to let me know how long it takes to get your Knit Picks order. You are a little closer to Ohio than I am... Plus I'm a little impatient - I think it should take two days, not two weeks!

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