Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A great evening

I feel a little guilty saying this . . . . but I had a great evening tonight!!! Why the guilt? Well, I was home alone. Sweetpea and I tend to do everything together. Trust me, I'm not exaggerating. We even go for haircuts and eye doctor appointments together. But tonight, he had an Employees Only Company Picnic to go to. And I actually enjoyed my time alone.

I was home from work at 5:30 . . . which is absolutely unheard of. (I'm usually lucky if I'm shutting down the computer by 5:45 and ready to face 45 minutes of hellish traffic.) I put on my comfy clothes and got the mail - and the new memory for my computer was there!!! Which means my laptop will (hopefully) be back in business soon! Next I watched the first episode of 30 Minute Meals, and then actually walked on the treadmill while watching the second episode. (I know, treadmill and TV Food don't seem like an obvious pairing . . . I told you I was a Gemini). I'm a good cook . . . I even like to cook (hence the TV Food) . . . . but tonight was all about relaxation. So for dinner, I made toast with peanut butter, with a side of melon. Not exactly gourmet, but it tasted great to me.

Then, I even had time for some knitting. I had finished knitting up the Baby Raglan over the long weekend, and tonight would have been a good night to block it . . . but no, I just wasn't up for that. Misfit has the second sleeve done and one side seam sewn. I probably could have sewn up the other side tonight . . . but no, that wasn't calling me either. I have all that new yarn from the LYS trip on Saturday . . . but I've vowed not to start either of those projects until both sweaters are FO's. So what did I do?? I STARTED ANOTHER DISHCLOTH. I didn't even think I was interested in knitting any more dishcloths. But I had that yarn I bought for Mom's dishcloth, and I was looking for something easy to knit, and I guess I just couldn't help myself. Maybe the quiz was right, I am dishcloth cotton.

(Sweetpea is now home, and he had a wonderful time at the picnic . . . and he even won a door prize, $100 gift certificate to The Three Bears Restaurant. We've eaten there for Valentine's Day, and it's wonderful!! Whenever there's a raffle, he's always sure to win a prize . . . lucky guy, my DH. I do feel a little guilty that I didn't miss him more tonight, but he had fun and I had fun and I guess we need to learn that some alone time can be a good thing.)


Jillio said...

*tag* you're it! you've been tagged with a meme. questions are on my knitting blog. have fun! i like your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I look foward to Friday nights when I have the house to myself - husband and son are at work and duaghter is at college. Yeah, I may feel a twinge of guilt at times but it's great to be able to knit, or read, or not fight for the computer or TV, or do whatever!

knittinmom said...

You can tell you guys are still newlyweds ;-). Bill & I used to spend every spare second together, but after 6 years and 2 kids, we go our separate ways more often. Don't feel guilty - absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

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