Wednesday, August 31, 2005

No Knitting

My weekdays are always pretty busy. However, this has been an exceptionally busy week. That's bad news, knit-wise. Not much progress has been made on any project, and I have no new pictures to post. So I guess a busy week is also bad news, blog-wise. Makes for very boring blogging.

Being still fairly new to the blog-world, I did have some questions / comments / observations. Here we go.

  • DH - I see that term used often on blogs. I am assuming it means Dear Husband or Darling Husband or something of the sort? If I can find out for sure, I may start using it too. However, I reserve the right to change the meaning to Dork Head if he makes me mad!!
  • Comments- I just don't understand how to get people to comment on posts. The most comments I ever received was an exciting NINE!!!! The excitement quickly faded when I found out six of them were spams. I've seen other blogs with posts about . . . well . . . nothing (I don't want to describe them for fear of offending someone) and they'll have 30 or 40 comments. Of course, I've always been one to value quality over quantity - so I'm doing great in that department. I have two faithful readers (I hope you know who you are) and they regularly leave me THE BEST comments and are very encouraging. So I consider myself very lucky.
  • Bells and Whistles- Is it better to have pictures and links in a post, just to make it seem exciting? Or do you really just need a good subject matter, and use the add-ons only to enhance your point?
  • Non-Knitting Posts- Just how much day to day life stuff can you post before people get bored listening to you ramble on about nothing? After all, it is supposed to be a blog about knitting. Hello . . . anyone still reading . . . . well then, I guess I answered my own question.


Jen said...

I've wondered about the meaning of DH too. For some reason, I thought it meant designated husband. I don't know why designated. But I substituted
husband for hitter because I don't want to think of my future husband as someone I expect to beat me!

About the non-knitting posts, I think a good mix of knitting and random thoughts is all you need for a good blog. Or course people will be more likely to take interest if you have pictures, but as far as other bling, I don't think it's necessary unless it helps get your point across.

Are we pimping for more comments? ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL here's a comment for ya ;) It means just want you're thinking, except most people say "dear hubby"... ;)

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