Friday, August 26, 2005

A good shawl?

Hi there. Long day at work, so these post will be fairly short and probably greatly incoherent.

The new baby sweater is coming along okay. I was afraid I would have trouble because the yarn is so fine, but I guess I'm doing okay. I'll take some pictures this weekend. I also have grand plans to sew up the rest of the seams on Misfit, so I can try my first attempt at picking up stitches (for the collar).

But what's really on my mind is a shawl. Or a few shawls. See, they have the air-conditioning on too high at work, and it's so cold. I'd love to have a great shawl to wrap up in at my desk. I looked through all my knitting books, but apparently don't have a good pattern.

So, can anyone out there recommend a good pattern for a fairly easy shawl? (Remember, I'm a new knitter.) A link to a web-site to download or order it from would be much appreciated. Or whatever info you have that could help me track it down? Please?

I know, lame post today. I promise to get a good nights sleep and try to be more entertaining tomorrow.

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Jen said...

hey, I'm doing a shawl! We could have our very own knit-a-long! The shawl I'm doing is pretty easy and very popular. I'm not even looking at the pattern anymore since you only need to know 3 different repeats and you just keep going. It's the Charlotte's Web Shawl. Just click on the link in my sidebar and that's where you can order the pattern.

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