Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Knit-Knack Pouch

Okay, I thought I would be the only one impressed with my little pouch, but thank you Miss McSpazzitron for taking such an interest. Here's what I did.

I knit it in one long piece with eyelet rows on either end. First four rows were done in ST ST, but I wish I had done Seed or even Garter to give it more of a trim. Fifth row was K2, *YO,K2tog,K1* to last two stitches, K2. Then continue ST ST until desired length. Repeat eyelet row. Four rows in stitch used for trim, BO. (I know, not the best description, but it's my first attempt at writing a pattern).

Fold in half, the fold becomes the bottom of the pouch. I took the lazy way out and just put the right sides together and whip stitched the two sides, then turned it right side out. I thought about an I-cord tie or something fancy, but since it's such a small pouch and again I was lazy, I just used black ribbon I had on hand.

That's it!! And thanks for putting up with my corny project name as well.

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Jen said...

Thanks Karen! Since I have such issues with finishing, *cough* didn't get around to the booties again *cough*, I think I might have to do something in the round. I think you were pretty clear though with your instructions. Keep the patterns coming!

BTW, did you check out the other Karen's new pattern?

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