Monday, August 15, 2005

On the needles / Off the needles

What have I managed to knit so far?

I've made five dishclothes (two of which are seen here), two pairs of slippers (those are my husband's - I now know to take a picture before they get worn!!), and a small teddy bear.

And what's on the needles? Ah well, here goes . . . .

  • Peppermint Stick - that very first scarf (only a couple more stripes and it will be done - I vow to finish it before the cold weather comes)
  • Climbing Lattice - a dishcloth I started for my mom (it's kind of a difficult pattern and I'm not sure it's coming out right)
  • Bloody Pulp - a free pattern for a tank top I picked up in the craft store, knitted two rows and I'm not sure I like it
  • Hair Ball - a great ribbed pillow pattern done in mohair yarn. I, however, bought a yarn much more fuzzy than the one used in the book. It's extremely difficult to knit with, and so fuzzy you can't tell the purls from the knits, so why am I working so hard? I may throw in the towel on that one and save the yarn for a pattern better suited to it.
  • Airy Scarf - a pretty project I picked out from one of my latest books. It's supposed to knit up in four hours. However, it's knit with the thinnest yarn I've ever seen, but I think I'll be able to manage as long as I don't work in it when I'm tired (and when am I not tired???)
  • My Sweater - this is my favorite project right now. It's my very first attempt at a sweater . . . and I think it's actually coming out right! It's an open cardigan that will have a ribbon tie woven at the neck. I've knit the back, both front sides, and the first sleeve. I cast on for the other sleeve this morning and am a few rows in - so I'm almost there!! The first challenge will be sewing all the seams (a new frontier in my knitting, but I know how to sew so I'm hoping I'll be okay). The BIG challenge will be teaching myself to pick up stitches for the neckband. Yikes. I'd hate to come that far, then mess the whole thing up because I don't know how to pick up stitches.
Part of me wonders if I should cave, take the sweater to a yarn shop during one of their "help classes", and have someone show me. But the stubborn part of me thinks I've taught myself this much . . . maybe I should just go it alone again. Crazy???

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