Monday, August 15, 2005

Can knitters blog and can bloggers knit?

So, for better or for worse, aside from the pearls of wisdom picked up from Aunt Stella, I have basically taught myself to knit. Sure, it took me a long time. And sure, I was knitting incorrectly for quite a while. But on the other hand, when I finally finish something and it comes our right, I am even more proud to know I taught myself to do it.

I'm finding the same is holding true for blogging. It took me a while to upload the photo into my profile. Editing HTML templates . . . . I know nothing about that. But I somehow added a link and a hit counter. It's sucking up all my time, but I have managed. And when I logged on and found I had my first comment - wow, how exciting!!!!!!

The downside - not a lot of knitting has gotten done while I've been trying to set up the blog. I've promised myself that now that I'm getting the hang of it, I can keep up with both regularly. Not to worry.

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