Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Projects

So I'm wondering how many projects your average knitter has going at one time. Is it normal to want to start five new projects at once? Or is that just me?

Now that Peppermint Stick is all finished and two other WIP's got abandoned, I was left with only two WIP's in my basket and Misfit who just needs a sleeve seam, side seams and a collar. What else could I do but start a new project and plan out a whole bunch more???

This morning I cast on for a baby sweater for friends who had a boy last month. It seems like an easy pattern, so I'm hoing 1) I can handle it okay and 2) it won't take me too long. It's a Debbie Bliss Raglan sweater that I'm knitting in baby cashmerino 204, which is a pretty blue for a baby boy (or for anyone, for that matter). It's actually a brighter blue than in the picture.

But I have other projects calling and swirling in my head. I'm tempted to try Tempting, which according to Knitty is mellow. I should be able to handle mellow. I like the gray, but can also see it in red . . . maybe with the ribbon, maybe without.

I'd also love to find a great shawl pattern to knit. It's really really cold in work, and I'd love to have a nice soft shawl to wrap around me at my desk. Funny how I was never really a shawl person until I started knitting.

I bought a new knitting book last month on a vacation to New Orleans. Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas. Wow, great stuff in that book! Bolero Sweater. Twin Set. I could find enough in that book alone to keep me knitting for months.

Not to mention, I have a whole pile of more knitting books calling. It may not look like too many, but let's remember I haven't been knitting for that long and my whole catalog of FO's consists of a bunch of dishcloths, one scarf, two pairs of slippers and a small teddy bear. I'm still very much the clueless beginner.

So tell me, how many projects do you have in the works at once? And how many do you have filed away in your head, just waiting to be started?

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knittinmom said...

Oh, well, I have about a gazillion projects going at once. Okay, let's see - I guess I only have two actually on needles at this very moment, but it's not for lack of trying. I have about 15 projects in the queue, and a couple that need some frogging (and yes, cow is being made into hamburger - the body is also too small, so I'm just going to scrap it and knit the body from a different pattern).

And I love your pattern! A designer already - you go, girl!

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