Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Blog Template

Welcome to the new template for my blog. Quite honestly, because I've taking a liking to writing my posts in different colors, all the dots were starting to give me a headache. I loved the dots when I first set up my blog because some of the other templates looked so plain!!! But paired with my multi-colored posts . . . it was just too much.

In my defense, when setting up my blog and choosing the template, I seem to remember a message that you could always change it later on. True enough, but they failed to tell me that when changing your template, you lose all customizations. Sidebar links, buttons, photo galleries . . . all gone. It took me quite a while to set them all back up again and get them looking (mostly) the way I want. I'm still not 100% happy. I'd like "Finished Projects" and "Blogs I Read" to be in the same type-face as "Recent Posts" and Archives". I fiddled and fiddled for hours, but just can't figure out how. (Any other BlogSpotters who might have a suggestion, feel free to put your 2-cents in!!!!)

Other than blogging and knitting, not much has gotten done around here this weekend. The house is a mess, we've been living on junk food and take-out, and I need a shower. Should I feel guilty? Well, I do, at least a little.

Last night we went to see The 40 Year-Old Virgin and it was really good!! I had been a little nervous that it was one of those movies where all the funny parts were given away in the previews. That was not the case. I laughed so hard I snorted . . . several times. Okay, maybe not a good date movie, but since I was with my husband (who's already stuck with me) I wasn't too embarrassed.

Okay, off for a shower and a visit to Mom's to scam some real food for dinner! I'll post again tonight with actual knitting content and pictures. The baby sweater and Airy Scarf are on the agenda!!!

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Jen said...

Isn't marriage a beautiful thing. Time to let it all hang out!!! I dare say that your husband probably loves that about you. I know my soon-to-be loves my hiccup laugh of seizure proportions.

Your weekend sounds like our lives. Junk food for dinner is perfectly acceptable. Especially if you're not trying to set an example for the kids or anything. Something else I just learned, short term backpacking is the perfect excuse for eating as much junk food as you want!

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