Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Peppermint Stick

Okay, since I really don't have any news to report on Misfit (first sleeve is completely sewn on . . . second is completely unattached . . . and I'm starting to think she just may fit after all . . . maybe I did have news), I thought today we'd visit with Peppermint Stick.

Here is a picture of Peppermint Stick in all his stripy glory. He's over five feet long (because I'm 5'4" and had to hold him over my head for the picture . . . and please tell me my hips don't look that big in real life . . . yeah, I know, they do) and I think he's just about done. He began with a cream stripe and I plan to end with cream too, so every time I knit two more stripes I wrap him around to measure. He's just about long enough, hopefully after I finish the next cream stripe he'll be done. I wanted him long enough to wrap around more than once, because my scarves never stay put and it drives me nuts. None of my store-bought scarves are long enough for the double wrap. But I guess it's about time I finally finished him up, because he was my first major knitting project and probably started at least two years ago. But after all my knitting hiatuses I've always come back to him. And now that I'm finally a knitting fanatic, I guess it's time to finish him up. Besides, now that I know how to knit correctly, each stripe goes much faster!!!

All this talk of Peppermint Stick is giving me a big craving for Peppermint Tea. I'm usually not a tea drinker, but I feel like I'm coming down with one mother of a cold. Ugh, who gets a cold in August. Why can't I get colds in the winter like normal people? Oh well, I'm off the sneeze and drip and make some tea.


knittinmom said...

Cool - I love Peppermint Stick! He is veeeery loooong. Hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...

Don't feel too bad... I have think I may be coming down with a cold too. And with the lack of changing seasons in LA to blame, I blame it entirely on my developing mohair allergy.

Your peppermint stick scarf reminds me though... I should probably get back to my blanket UFO that's now 9 months old. Congrats on knocking the UFO out of the sky!

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