Sunday, August 28, 2005

Electronic Equipment Hates Me

Well, tonight it certainly feels this way. Remember the great post and pictures I was planning to upload tonight?? Not gonna happen.

My computer. My poor little computer. My husband was poking around with it yesterday, trying to see what's what so we could order some more memory, which it desperately needs. He took the current memory out and put it right back in, and poof . . . . my computer will no longer boot up. BAD BLUE DEATH SCREEN (No, that's not a web-link . . . just trying to show the blueness of my computer screen)

Okay, plan B. I can boot up my husband's desktop (check). I'll load my photo soft-ware on his computer and upload the pictures there. Pull out my camera, set up my knitting for their photo shoots (check). Turned on the camera . . . turned on the camera . . . . TURNED ON THE CAMERA???? Nope, batteries are dead. CRUD!!!!

So that's it. My computer is dead. The camera batteries are dead. I've got 'em on the charger, but no pictures tonight. And it feels like it's gotten hotter since the early evening rain shower we just had. Isn't rain supposed to make it cooler? I think I'll just have some ice cream and call it a night.

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Anonymous said...

O knitting queen; this is a fabulous blog-log! Why aren't you going after writing articles for a career!!!!! Bravo for knitting dancing and writing O multitalented one! Sorry to hear of the poor little computer and loved the back bloglogs of sweater with no name, I am dishcloth cotton etc. (Have to think about what type of fabric I am)

Very, very impressed!

H. and Mr. Z

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