Monday, August 22, 2005

A bad night, knitwise

I have run into my first terminally ill knitting project. May we have a moment of silence for The Project Formerly Known as Climbing Lattice.

It's been a bad knitting night for me. This morning I was able to get to the half-way point on Misfit's first sleeve seam. Tonight, after dinner, dishes and laundry, I sat down to complete it. Unfortunately, the sun had gone down and until my new contact lenses come in, I can't see well enough in dim light to do much of anything. And then the yarn knotted - I hadn't even completed my first stitch. Needless to say, I cut my losses and packed Misfit away. I have about 8 rows left on the current stripe of Peppermint Stick, but since that's easy knitting I figured I'd save it for right before I went to sleep. So I looked through my project basket and pulled out Climbing Lattice, who you may remember from my On The Needles / Off The Needles post. She was a lacy dishcloth knit in a series of LTs, YOs and K2Togs . . . all of which I can do (and have done), but apparently I can't do them all in one dishcloth!! I am not a tight knitter (as Grandma was), but this was coming out so tight I could barely get the needles in. And when I realized halfway through row 14 that I had been LT twice when I was supposed to LT three times, I got frustrated and ripped the whole thing out. Climbing Lattice is now nothing but a newly wound yarn ball.

I'm sure it won't be the last project that gets ditched mid-stream. But it's my first, and that's kind of sad.

On the upside, since Mom never knew I was making Climbing Lattice for her, I guess she won't be disappointed. And in a moment of optimism, I flipped through the dishcloth pattern book. I've already found a few that knit with pretty patterns done only with Ks and Ps . . . I think I'll stick to that until my wounded ego heals enough to try the Lattice once more.

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