Thursday, October 20, 2005

Third times a charm??

Or is it three strikes and your out? We'll soon find out, because before I left for vacation I joined . . .

Where are my fun Socktoberfest socks, you ask?? Everyone else is posting socks right and left?? Ah well, therein lies the problem.

I cast on for my very first ever sock (which was also my very first time ever knitting on DPN) on the second day of the cruise. It was going okay . . . until I started dropping stitches. I was able to salvage a few drops . . . but then it just got too out of control. FROG!!!!

On my second attempt, I decided to knit using four DPN instead of five. I figure I can switch to five when it comes time to turn the heel. I still think that will work. But what I did wrong on that attempt . . . which was a really stupid mistake . . . . I began knitting with my stitches TWISTED!!! I know . . . I know . . . . every tutorial I've ever read tells you over and over how important it is to make sure your stitches are not twisted. I don't know why I didn't check. So . . . FROG!!!!

A few nights ago I realized that everyone is posting finished socks, and I didn't even have a set on the needles. I fear I may be kicked out of Socktoberfest. So once again, I cast on. And this is what I have . . .

So far, so good. I'm using Knit Picks Essential in Ash. The pattern a is a Lion Brand Family Socks sheet that I picked up free in AC Moore ages ago. It has a picot-edged hem (which I'm doing) and garter check pattern (which I'm not doing - I'm just doing stockinette stitch to get the hang of DPN knitting and also because I wanted plain socks). I'm a bit concerned that I misjudged my gauge and am knitting them too small . . . . but I think I'll continue on and see. I tried them on as best I can with my pathetic little inch and a half knit, and I think they'll fit. If they come out small, I'll give them away.

Can I get them done by the end of October?? We'll have to wait and see. I sure will try!!


Anonymous said...

Your SOCK looks GREAT! The hardest part is casting on, and getting used to the four needles. When you get the the heel, just take a deep breath, and follow the instructions. It truly will work. You should be able to do the heel without changing to five needles; the heel just uses 1/2 of the stitches, the other 1/2 can be kept on 2 needles. You can do it!

chris said...

Third time's definitely a charm!! Your sock looks great so far and I love that ash color. Definitely on my to-order list. The picot-edge is really pretty, too. I think you can keep it on 4 dpns without needing to switch to 5 for the heel, like Christine said. (That felt really weird to say that since I'm a Christine, too. :-)) It's looking awesome so far- can't wait to see the finished sock!

Jillio said...

wow, great progress on your first sock! i agree that the color is fabulous!
you know, when i first learned how to make socks, i used dpns. i had the same struggle with twisted / dropped stitches.
you might as well call me a poster child for doing socks on circulars because it changed the way i approached socks. it's like when your math teacher shows you hard, ugly math and then later shows you the easy, cheat math...think the difference between adding and multiplying.
anyways, i'm excited to see you finish your first socks! you go girl!
btw, count me in on your idea :)

knittinmom said...

I love that cute edging! Don't worry - you'll get the hang of it. And even if your socks seem a bit small, I've found that the Essential is super stretchy so you should be able to make them quite a bit smaller than your foot and still have them fit. Also, I just washed up my straight laced socks and the Essential gets SO soft after it's washed - I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Being the photographer, I think it is the good lighting and angle that makes the sock look so good! OK OK, just kidding. Great Job Baby, I know you can do it!!


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