Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Vacation planning

So, we're coming into the home stretch before the cruise and it's time to start thinking about packing. Foremost in my mind is this . . . just how many knitting projects should I bring? I probably won't have the shawl finished by Friday . . . although I've been making some good progress considering I've been too busy to knit much lately. (The bottom picture is supposed to show you the details - like the ribbed rows and the color subtleties - but they didn't really come out anyway.)

So I'll need to bring that, along with the straight needles I'll need when I knit the ties.

I think I'll also bring the yarn and needles for Tempting. But I've never knit in the round before . . . so do I need to photocopy instructions to stick in my knitting bag in case I get stuck? (Hey, at least I'm resisting the temptation - no pun intended- to bring the whole knitting book!!)

On Friday I went out at lunch-time and bought this yarn to make a baby raglan for Heidi's baby.

So I'll probably bring this - I might even be able to get the whole think knit on the cruise. Yes, I did resist the temptation to buy pink . . . just in case my hunch is off. However, Heidi's thinking it's a girl too, because this pregnancy has been so different than when she was pregnant with the Z-man.

I should also have some Knit Picks yarn coming tomorrow or Wednesday. I ordered some sock yarn so I can give sock knitting a try. Maybe I'll bring that. Oh yeah, and I ordered some yarn to make a hat for Sweetpea . . . but I'm not sure I have the right size needles and I probably won't have time to go buy some before we leave. But if I do . . . maybe I should bring that!

Okay, maybe I'm going a bit over-board. (Pun definitely intended there!!!) Please give me some opinions and help me decide how many projects (and which ones) to bring. I'm starting to run out of room for my clothes!

****Airy Scarf!!! I forgot about Airy Scarf!! That's one more to add to the list.


chris said...

Hey, don't forget to leave some room for the knitting! :-) Tempting's on my to-do list, too. I got the yarn for it back when I learned to knit in April, but I have yet to actually cast-on for it. The DB baby cashmerino looks so heavenly! It's definitely on my "I covet" list. Tie one on is looking fabulous, too- can't wait to see the FO!

Jen said...

good lord woman! You've got a lot in the on deck circle! They all sound like great projects, so it's hard to choose.

If it were me though, I'd limit myself to only two items. One that's brainless and the other is up in the air. Tempting is a good candidate for the mindless thing since you'll be going around and around with the same number of stitches in a pattern where it doesn't matter if you just up and leave it in the middle of the round or not.

Airy scarf could be a candidate for something that requires a bit more focus, or if you're itching to finish something on vacation, take the Tie-One-On shawl.

My $0.02.

Oh, and about the knitting in a round, it's really not bad at all. Just cast on like you normally do. When you've cast on the stitches you need, just distribute your stitches evenly around the entire cord and have the first cast on stitch on the tip of your left needle. Then work the first stitch you cast on as if it were the next stitch. Make sure you place some sort of marker before you knit the first stitch though so you know where in the round you started.

If that's too wordy, check out the video here.

Anonymous said...

I would take the socks - take something that you really want to master. If you're flying to the boat, you'll have time in the airport and on the plane, so you'll be able to concentrate. Plus, socks are SO portable. I always keep SIP's in a ziplock bag, and have one with me almost always. OR, take something lacey -the Airy scarf........if you finish something, you'll always associate that FO with your trip!

knittinmom said...

I second the vote for socks! Socks are such a great thing to knit on the go.

Tie One On is looking great! You're inspiring to get mine started.

BTW - I apologize if my credit-card-in-ice post gave your hubby ideas... I'll have to watch myself now that I know he's reading my blog sometimes ;-).

chris said...

Sorry, I just realized that I didn't follow instructions (imagine that!). Now that I'm not being a commenting space cadet, I'd say to go for the socks, too. So small and portable, yet totally satisfying. And I think Tempting would also be a great project, since it seems monotonous and looks to be good for unwinding.

Jillio said...

i say SOCKS! socksocksocksocks!!! bring the socks! it'll be good experience for knitting in the round.
and you remember this is supposed to be a V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, don't you? i totally commiserate that packing your knitting might make you pack a whole other suitcase just for all things knitty, but a vacation where i bring a project or two but don't knit them at all because i'm having SOOOOO much fun on my vacation is a darn good vacation.
bring the socks. hehe.

Kym said...

Even though I don't enjoy knitting socks (I've made ONE, not even the pair), that's what I would recommend you bring- I can tell you from knitting tempting on vacation that it is really boring.

However, if you're nervous about knitting in the round, Tempting is definitely a simple pattern, and the sleeve sections will teach you to use DPNs.

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