Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I almost didn't post tonight. My work-fried brain just couldn't think of anything I needed to say. Lucky for me, Keohinani sensed my apathy and sent over a request for a book review. Voila, instant blog topic.

On a recent trip to NYC I treated myself to AlterKnits. This in one cool book. The focus of the book is to look at your knitting in a new light. Use different materials and needle sizes. Knit something you wouldn't have thought to knit. Use your inspirations to knit something new. Sprinkled throughout the book are AlterExercises, which can be anything from coming up with a guest list for your dream knitting party to a knitting a swatch from a knitting grab bag to noting down inspiring words. There is even an AlterKnits workbook attached to the front cover, for logging exercise answers or charting your very own knitting patterns.

Of course, let's not forget the projects. This is a knitting book, after all, and the projects are great. Some cool ones I can't wait to try include a tube shawl, a bustier, and a velvet-trimmed raglan. The first one I'll probably knit is a felted laptop case. I started to look around for yarn to order for it, but now that I've built up quite a stash I think I may already have yarn on hand. I'm thinking this yarn would be great . . . . except that I kind of wanted to use the DB yarn from my secret pal to knit something I could wear. You know, the sentimental stuff about thinking of her each time I wore the item.

But I've gotten side-tracked. This is supposed to be about the book. Another thing I liked was the use of different materials to knit with. Leather lacing, crepe paper, old t-shirts, nylon thread and wire. I've seen patterns knit with wire in other books too, and for some reason that appeals to me. (For some reason?? The reason is I'M CRAZY!!!! As if I'm not having a hard enough time with plain yarn, now I think I'm gonna knit with wire and paper? Madness.) Okay, when the voices is my head start getting too vocal, it must be time for bed. Check out AlterKnits thought, it really is awesome.


chris said...

Sounds like a really interesting book! I think I'll lay off the wire, though. I hurt myself enough with plain old yarn and bamboo needles. ;--) And I know what you mean about wanting to knit something sentimental to remind you of your pal. I feel the same way whenever I receive yarn as a gift from someone. Looking forward to seeing you knit some of the projects from the book in the future!

knittinmom said...

AlterKnits rocks! Can I brag again about how I start my class with its illustrious author in two weeks? Yahoo!!!

Jillio said...

now THERE'S an idea! between starfish & i, we've got probably hundreds of t-shirts--mostly for workout clothes. but when they get holes in them, we've no idea what to do with them...
that sounds like my kinda book!

Unknown said...

I love flipping through that book!

I agree with sentimental knitting. I am actually pretty superstitious about what mood I am in when I knit, especially if it is for somebody. I don't want "bad vibes" so soak in....

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