Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Afghans and '80's

As promised, here is a picture some scrap yarn blankies Grammy used to knit for us. It's hard to get a good shot of them in all their tacky glory . . . but they mean the world to me!!

I realized, unfortunately, that the acrylic '80's sweaters are still packed in the basement and I'm just way too tired to dig them out tonight. But to prove that I am a child of the '80's, I took this little '80's quiz and scored a 118, baby!!!

I'm not quite sure why I'm so proud. Let's face it, I graduated high school in 1986 so the '80's really were my formative years. Yes, I wore pink fluorescent shirt . . . and socks . . . and leg warmers . . . and headband. Shoot, you could seem me coming a mile away! I had the big hair and the geometric jewelry. My first concert was Cyndy Lauper. And I promise, this weekend I will dig out the big sweaters Grammy made them and model them for you. Hell, maybe I'll even dig out curling iron and see if I remember how to feather my hair (that may be more '70's, but I think I threw out my '80's hair crimper!!)


Jillio said...

i guess if you consider that you'd have to have a certain kind of decor in your house for all those blankies to match everything in it, then maybe those would qualify as tacky. but i think they're great!
my blankie's made all out of granny squares!
but tacky or no, the blankies are not any less valuable. acrylic is great for everyday use, anyway.
thanks for sharing!
ahaha! word verification of the day is deysnype: to snipe during the day, as opposed to at night-time. :)

chris said...

The blankets are wonderful, Karen! They all have different stitch patterns, too. Man, 118??!! I'm impressed. I was actually pretty bummed that I only scored a 77. I felt like such an '80's failure. I fully had the matching fluorescent shirts and leg warmers and all. Did you have the Fido Dido shirts, too? I shudder to think I actually owned a crimper once! Now it's all about the flat iron. :-)

Karen said...

I didn't have a Fido Dido shirt . . . but I had a Fido Dido DOLL with a suction-cup hand to stick to your car window. Aaahh.

knittinmom said...

Bill was so mad that you beat him by one point! You rock, 80s child! He graduated in '86, too, so I guess you oldsters do have an advantage over us who graduated in the early 90s...

I love the blankets, too - they're very retro! And the fact that your grammy made them is the icing on the cake.

Jen said...

The blankets rock! I don't have any from my grandmother, but i do have an AWESOME pink and white shaker sweater from the 70's that she knit for me. If I can scrounge it up...

I'm bummed about not scoring higher. I'm a 66.5. You'd a thought that with the amount of 80's music I listened to... I had to fight the urge to cheat and look up the lyrics. How'd you do it?

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