Thursday, October 06, 2005

The votes are in!!

(I was going to put web-links on all the names, but Miss McSpazziton was anxious to see what I've chosen, so I'm posting as is!!)

Thanks for all your comments and input on what knitting to take on vacation. I considered everyone's advice (which is a new thing for someone as headstrong and stubborn as me) and surprised myself by scrapping some of the stuff I thought I'd want to bring. And the winners are . . . . drumroll please . . . .

  • Tempting - this will be my mindless project. I debated about bringing it because I was afraid I'd get confused on how to knit in the round. But thanks to the great instructional video link in Miss McSpazziton's comment I can't wait to give it a try. I had a few things I was cloudy on, but the video cleared that all right up. It looks downright easy and I'm confident I will have no problems. (I hear you screaming . . I know, I know . . . I've just jinxed myself!)
  • Airy Scarf -This will be my challenging project, because sadly it is still quite challenging for me. It's not hard knitting - simple knit stitches and some k2togs and yo's - but the KSH is kicking my butt. I think it's harder because the yarn is so fine but it's knit on size 10 needles . . . or maybe I'm just KSH inept. Anyway, on at-sea-days we can sit in the sun and I can give it some good concentration
  • Socks -You guys can totally take the credit for this one, because I wasn't even seriously considering bringing the socks. Again, socks are something I have yet to attempt. But so many of you voted for socks . . . even Kym who admitted she doesn't like to knit socks herself voted for them. And again, I watched the "turning the heel" and "knitting the gusset" videos in Miss McSpazziton's comment link and I think I can handle it.
So there you go. Yes, I'm not likely to have time to knit all three projects . . . but I'm a notorious over-packer. Just ask Sweetpea how many pairs of shoes I brought on our honeymoon. (Eleven! He was horrified. But in my defense, not only did we do a 7 night cruise with formal nights, dressy nights, pool time and shlepping around islands time, but we also spent a week in The Keys. Anyway, I wore all but one pair!!)

Thanks again for all the great input!!


Jillio said...

wow. see, no offense to Sweetpea, but men just can't fathom the importance of having the right shoes! granted, they don't have the selection women do nor do their wardrobes vary as much. starfish argued about the whole shoe thing when i showed him the four pairs i packed when we went on our big island trip. i told him it's not so ridiculous when you consider he collected all four star wars holographic slurpee cups from 7-eleven. i mean, HELLO? STAR WARS HOLOGRAPHIC SLURPEE CUPS FROM 7-ELEVEN!? yeah. it's justified when you use them all as intended. :)
your trip sounds like so much fun!!! and may i suggest you try socks on 2 circulars? it makes working on the heel sooo much easier because you'll only have to go back and forth on one needle rather than juggling a couple AND worrying about the non-working stitches dangling around on separate needles.
OOh OOH! great word verification this time!!! it's "shoptxi"!!! this is starfish because he carries all my shopping bags for me when we go shopping! i just load him up and tell him where to go! if he's lucky, i'll buy him a cookie or something. no joke :) i'm evil. hehe...

Jen said...

Hey I want a SHOPTXI too! how great is that... having a valet and a driver at the same time...

3 projects isn't too many, so I'm glad we've managed to narrow it down for you. And glad you found the website helpful.

Have fun on your vacation, and don't forget to take lots of pictures! Is this a 1 year anniversary trip?

Karen said...

Hey . . . look . . . I'm commenting on my own blog too! I swear I'm gonna go into blog withdrawl while I'm gone. Sweetpea is a shoptxi too - it's great, isn't it.

No, not an anniversary trip - our anniversary was June 26 and we went to Vegas with friends who were renewing their vows (their 10 year was June 25). It's just a "hey, let's see how many cool trips we can take before having kids" kind of trip!!

chris said...

Hey wait a minute, I'M a shoptxi!! That's the best kind of trip to take! I think those are great choices to take (maybe I'm biased because those are the ones I voted for??). I'm positive you're not KSH inept. I've never worked with it myself, but I've read LOTS of people have a hard time with that yarn. And I've also read that it's a nightmare to frog. BTW, I say it's better to be overprepared than under!! Have a wonderful trip, Karen!!!

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