Monday, October 03, 2005

C'mon, you know you do it too . . .

Keohinani does it. (see #80) Knitting Spaz does it. (see Sept 26) I'm guessing all you other knitters do it. And yes, I'll admit it, I do it too. While waiting for the train in Westport on Saturday, I stared at a lady's sweater wondering what stitch it was done in (my guess was 2 by 4 rib), on what size needles (fairly large), and why oh why, with all the beautiful yarns out there, would someone knit a sweater with such an ugly yarn. I know, that's mean. But it really was.

Yesterday we went to the mall. And I was doing it again. I couldn't even hide it. As I fondled and rubbed the sweaters on the sales racks, Sweetpea turned to me and said "Are you playing Guess the Fiber Content?". Busted!!!! When I had read Keohinani's post to him, he was a bit disturbed (sorry, Keohinani - don't take it personally). So when he actually realized I am now prone to doing the same thing . . . well . . . I'm afraid he's going to try and have a knitting intervention. By the way, there was a great pair of knitted gloves - they were 75% Rabbit Hair, 24% something else I forgot, and 1% other fibers! What the heck are "other fibers"??? Whatever else was on the rabbit??

Yesterday morning my bestus friend Heidi and godson Zach popped in unexpectedly for breakfast. (Well, okay, I knew she was coming, but she only told me on Saturday. She lives in New Hampshire, so a visit with less than 24 hours notice counts as unexpected). After we ate, I proceeded to pull out all my knitting books so she could show me things she might like for Christmas. Then she said something in conversation that I heard as "I didn't think anyone would want to knit them". But we were talking about muffins and it didn't really make sense, so I asked her to repeat her sentence. What she really said was "I didn't think anyone would want to eat them". I think she and Sweetpea were a little scared for my sanity. It didn't help matters any when I volunteered the information that I wake up each morning thinking about what new projects I can knit and what new knit techniques I can learn.

If you get committed to a mental hospital, do they take away your knitting needles?


Jillio said...

oh dear...! you know, though, i'm sure knitters everywhere play "the game." i guess we must be more subtle about it? or just leave the hubs at home while you go shopping and grope some knitting at the mall. "those who know cannot explain, and those who don't cannot understand." may i suggest you read this book if you haven't already? At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much by the Yarn Harlot. i've gained new perspective on the whole yarn manipulation hobby, as well as what to tell people when they start worrying about my condition...which follows along the lines of "i'm not alone, therefore it is not abnormal. i am perfectly fine." if you should ever happen to read it and read passages aloud to your Sweetpea, let me know. i'm interested in his reaction. haha!!!

chris said...

Playing fiber content guessing games is one thing, but delusional/paranoid knitting selective hearing is another thing entirely. ;-) Haha! And don't worry, even if they take away your needles, you could always fashion makeshift ones from your cell supplies. Or you could ask to borrow some from me, since I'll probably be in the cell next door.:)

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