Sunday, October 02, 2005

Magical Mystery Tour

"Roll up for the magical mystery tour, step right this way" -McCartney, Magical Mystery Tour

I don't know that I can really describe last night's concert and actually do it justice. Wow. Just wow.

The concert started with a audio montage of Beatles and Wings songs, followed by a video montage that began in Liverpool with James Paul McCartney's birth certificate and went on from there. It had been amazing enough to know you were going to see a Beatle . . . but to see his life there in front of you, and with him narrating no less . . . The Quarry Men, John, George and Ringo, the Ed Sullivan Show, Sgt. Peppers, Wings and so much more . . . . it just blows you away. By the time to curtain went up and Paul was there, the entire audience was on their feet in a frenzy.

On a radio show I listened to on Thursday, they were commenting on a picture of Paul standing in his backyard at 16 with his guitar. They wondered if he knew how famous he would become. I turned to Sweetpea and said I was sure he didn't. Yes, I'm sure he had the rock star dream of any 16 year old with a guitar . . . but I don't see how anyone, pre-Beatles, could ever fathom what the Beatles would become.

So what did he play? All of it was awesome . . . let's see how much I can remember. He opened with Magical Mystery Tour. We heard Blackbird, Hey Jude, Get Back, Yesterday, Back in the USSR, Band on the Run, Good Day Sunshine, Live and Let Die, Got To Get You Into My Life, Maybe I'm Amazed, Fixing A Hole, Drive My Car, Eleanor Rigby, She Came In Through the Bathroom Window, Helter Skelter, Penny Lane, The Long and Winding Road, Let It Be (by candle light), Jet . . . and so many more I'll probably remember later (and add them when I do). He ended with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band - reprise and The End.

I have to add, there's always something about seeing a concert (or a figure skating show or an opera) in New York City that makes it extra special. There's a certain electricity and excitement that you just don't get in Connecticut. Paul loves New York too, so it makes it even more special.

Wow. Just wow.

"And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make" - McCartney, The End


chris said...

Oh Karen, that must've been SO awesome!! I am so envious, but so happy for you that you were able to go. Especially in New York City! I would have given anything to have heard Paul sing Maybe I'm Amazed- one of my all time faves. What an incredible weekend for you! BTW, you are SO sweet to try to think of a way to send fresh-baked pie to Hawaii. :-) I was so touched! Someday I'll go apple picking in CT, but only if you promise to come out to Hawaii and have some fresh- picked papaya and mango!

Christine said...

Yay! Sounds like you had a great time! I, have never been to a concert, yet :) Soon, real soon ;)

knittinmom said...

Oh, drool! All my favorite songs. My parents used to play the Beatles non-stop on road trips, so I know so many of their songs by heart. Wow is right!

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