Friday, February 16, 2007


Valentine's Day seemed to give me a full blown case of "Martha Stewart Syndrome" once again. I've decided to call this affliction "Marthitus", and I had it bad.

It all started when I had the idea to send a little Valentine's Day package to a wonderful blog pal so she'd know I was thinking of her on that special day. I dragged out my beading stuff and whipped up some pink stitch markers. Then, while perusing blogland, I came across a terrific post by Michelle in which she explained how to make some adorable little matchbook note-pads. I couldn't resist trying a few myself, and the first two are on the left with the stitch markers.

Click pictures to make bigger

After finishing those, I suddenly thought it might be cute to make some with blog buttons on the front. So I whipped up the two on the right, along with one more for Valentine's Day.

Next I decided I needed to make a couple of Valentine's Day cards. I found a little pattern somewhere for a knit heart, changed it around to make the center seed stitch, and whipped these two cards.

And last, but not least, a little secret present I've been knitting on. Before Christmas, Nat had the most wonderful idea that we should both knit "chocolate socks" for our husbands. Neither of us got them done for Christmas (actually, I didn't even get mine started) so we decided to push them to Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, Chrissy sent out a call for test knitters to knit up a new pattern called "Hubby's First Sock", which seemed perfect since I had never gotten around to knitting socks for Pea before. Luckily, the pattern is going up soon, so I have the go-ahead to show you what they look like!

They were a big hit and Pea wore them to work on Valentine's Day!! Be sure to keep an eye on Gardiner Yarn Works for the pattern!


Olga said...

I knit socks for my boy for Valentine's Day, also! We've been together for about a year now and I will absolutely not knit him a sweater. But he now has a scarf, and a beanie, and socks.

Cute idea about the "chocolate" flavor!

Sonya said...

Marthaitus strikes again! You are going to have 100 miles by March 1, nevermind April 1. Pea's socks look great! A very masculine color and design. It's so exciting to see Chrissy's designing take off.

Cathy said...

You have put Martha to shame today! Beautiful cards, matchbooks, socks etc. etc. etc. lol I LOVE the stitchmarkers too! It looks like you had a really good day today - thanks for sharing all that fun with us!

Zonda said...

Love your Marthitis!

I love your hubby's socks!! I cannot wait for that pattern! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for your Marthitus - the cards look ever so lovely, and I definitely agree, you've put Martha Stewart to shame with your work!
And gosh, Pea's socks are absolutely awesome! What a great pattern - mind you, I *so* can't wait for it to be released! Beautiful work, and what a great yarn you've been using!

Nathalie said...

those socks look just great Karen - good work! the first socks that you knit for your hubbie are very special, and I am honoured to have played a small part in them!

KT said...

I am wholly overwhelmed by the Martha.

The socks look fabulous! Were they a fun knit?

Anonymous said...

Martha ain't got nothing on you girl!!

Awesome creative mojo you got going there. I really like the card with the heart. Awesome!!!

Love your dh's socks!!

Anonymous said...

I didnt suffer frtom Marthitis..Too hot and lazy in this heat! lol

love the little notepads...and the stitch markers.

And the Valentine socks look great! You did well. I think all the men that got Valentine Socks wore them to work ;)


Anonymous said...

You've certainly been busy. Everything turned out great. Love the socks!

Melissa said...

You are entirely too creative!! The socks look great!! I think the notepads would be a cute etsy item.

~Kristie said...

You made some FAB V-Day items! When I get a bout of Marthitis, I'll have to try a hand at thos matchbooks, but first I should really finish my sisters stitchmarkers!

The socks look GREAT! It's nice to finally see your secret project.

Jennifer said...

I love all your projects! The hubby socks are beautiful as well. Much better for the waistline than chocolates too. :-)

Nancy said...

Cute, cute, cute and cute! We should put you and Martha in an ultimate fighting ring with your crafty supplies and see who survives!

MissyJoon said...

Seriously---Martha, look out! And I bet with you she couldn't knit a pair of socks like Pea's: they are beautiful!

And have I told you how happy that package made me?!!?!! smooooooooooooooooooooch!

Kym said...

Wow, you are so crafty- I'm so jealous. I have such a short attention span- there would be shreds of paper all over the place if I tried something like that.

Cool socks- I love that they were chocolate :)

Sourire11 said...

Sounds like you had a fun v-day! The matchbook notepads are so cute!!!

Those socks are great - love the idea of chocolate socks.

Ragan said...

You did great "Martha"!
Love the cards, and the socks too!

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