Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gemini Twins

As I've mentioned before, I am a Gemini. The Gemini symbol is The Twins. And I really do have a twin aspect to my personality. My twins are not identical twins, however. There is ME, and then there is BIZARRO ME. (Yes, Chrissy, you slipped Seinfeld into my subconscious!!)

Last week was all about ME. ME is over-achieving OCD fanatic at her finest. ME cleans and cleans and cleans, and still finds more that needs to be cleaned. ME does at least one load of laundry every day. ME exercises like a good little girl. And ME actually loves doing all this stuff, and finds great joy in it.

This week, BIZARRO ME has taken over. BIZARRO ME sits in her pajamas until 11 every morning. BIZARRO ME will exercise later . . . and later could be in an hour, in a few hours, tonight while watching TV, or next week. BIZARRO ME has decided since so much cleaning got done last week, the house really doesn't need much cleaning this week (besides a swipe of the kitchen counters and a good vacuuming every couple of days). BIZARRO ME spends hours playing computer Mah Jong. BIZARRO ME can go out and get some Christmas presents bought. (Don't click the link, Sweetpea) Oh but BIZARRO ME sure has a lot of fun, and has decided this week is "vacation week!!

BIZARRO ME is not all bad, because a lot of knitting sure gets done. Look, progress on Pea's secret Christmas present. And look, it's a hat, coming along pretty quickly as well. I'm worried about the wonky edge (which is worse in the picture than in real life), but hoping some blocking will help.

And today Wool-Ease was purchased for slippers for my brother . . . my tall tall brother with the size 12feet (maybe I should have bought three skeins).

Okay, all this talking about myself in the third person (not to mention as if I have a split personality) has sufficiently freaked me out. I'm going to knit some more. I should walk on the treadmill, but I'll do it "later".


Jillio said...

i miss being in school precisely because of winter/spring/summer vacation when i have the option of doing stuff "later".
good progress on the hat. and even if it is "BIZARRO KAREN" taking over sometimes, you still get a lot of stuff done. :)
omg, it's december tomorrow! WOW! i feel like we just had new year's...

chris said...

I LOVE that episode, too! Well, I never met a Seinfeld episode that I didn't like. Bizarro-Karen sounds like she's having lots of fun, which she definitely deserves. And as long as OCD Karen has lots of fun cleaning and doing laundry, then she's pretty cool, too. ;-) Great progress on Pea's present! The hat looks great, too. I really like the color you chose. And as Bob Dole says, there's nothing wrong with Bob Dole talking about Bob Dole in third person!! :-)

knittinmom said...

George is gettin' upset! (since you had to go and talk about yourself in the 3rd person...)

George likes his Kung Pao spicy!

Do I watch too much tv?

Jillio said...

in an act of sheer willpower (others would call it the curse of an overly large conscience), i chose the spindle over the wheel. believe me, it was a tough decision! i heard that handspinning first is good practice and helps one to better understand the mechanics of spinning in general. baby steps, baby steps...

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