Saturday, December 03, 2005


I've been working pretty hard on my Christmas knitting. It's coming along pretty well too, although I still may have gotten in a bit over my head! But Sweetpea's Secret Present is done - woo hoo!!! The write up will have to wait until after Christmas, but I can tell you I really really loved the yarn.

I thought I'd be able to post FO pictures of his hat too, but I encountered a little glitch. I completed all the knitting, wove the yarn through the last stitches (as instructed) and began to "pull snugly to close top of hat". Funny thing, but there seemed to be a gap forming. Huh, pulled a little tighter. The stitches seemed to be UNRAVELING. Ack!!!!!

so close, but yet so farTurns out, there was a split in the yarn that was loosely spliced together. The snug pulling broke it, and the hat began to unravel itself. Right in the home-stretch too. Argh. I'm going to try my best to save it. I think I can rip back to the grey stripe and just re-knit the green top. It will be a good learning experience, right? If that doesn't work, I can always frog it and knit it over. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger??


Olga said...

You can definitely save that, and it sounds like you have the right plan. You can do it!

knittinmom said...

Aaaah! Stupid spliced yarn! I almost prefer knots...

You can definitely rip back and just rework the green. Get your crochet hook handy for any dropped stitches and frog away, baby!

Sonya said...

I'm glad to hear a good comment on Panache. I've been thinking about it for Sharfik.

I love the color combo on your hat. I think ripping back will be helped by the gray stripe. It will give you a clear rip-back-to point.

chris said...

Unraveling?! Oh no!! It sounds like frogging it back to the grey stripe will definitely work, but aagh! I'd have gone over the edge having things go beserk that close to the end. :-P It really looks fantastic- the color combination is so stiking. AWESOME hat and yay for finished presents!! Can't wait to see the post-Christmas pics.

Jillio said...

oooooooh, nice hat! dontcha just hate when the yarn breaks like that? but i'm sure everything will work out. it seems like it'd be a fast knit and wouldn't take very long to correct it.

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