Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hot new contest!!!

Hey there, Keohinani has started a great contest. You have until 11/30 go join by admitting "you know you knit too much when . . . ". The prize has not yet been announced, but if you've ever seen this girls stash you'll know she has great taste, so I'm sure it will be something fabulous!!!!! What are you waiting for, check it out here!!!


Jillio said...

haha...thanks for the free advertising, karen :)

Talitha said...

You're a hilarious gal, ya know? I'm just naturally that hyped up. One time in class we had to move like someone in the class and the guy that was being me just bounced around. I guess I do a little hop all over the place to get around. Oh, it's more like a scuffle run and then a hop. Everyone knew it was supposed to be me anyway. Thanks as always for the encouragement. I said I'd charge $20 dollars above the cost of supplies for those scarves, but they are knit in the round and quite long so I don't think that's excessive, what do you think? I don't wanna charge too much seeing as I would be knitting anyway so getting even 5 dollars would be cool.

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