Wednesday, November 09, 2005

20 things - better late than never

Chris tagged me with this. It feels like she tagged me months ago and I'm sure she thinks I'm ignoring her. (Sorry Chris, I'm really not and I am actually excited to do it!! I just needed to wait until I could get my thoughts together.) I'm not sure I've actually gotten my head on straight yet, but hey, that may NEVER happen, so now is as good a time as any to sit down and do this!!!! Here goes, try not to be too bored.

  1. I don't like ketchup, mustard or relish. I will eat mayo only if used sparingly and only if it's Hellmann's.

  2. I went to Bentley College. It is a Business School and the students were pretty conservative (think Alex P. Keeton). I started as an economic-finance major and wanted to be the VP of a bank. I decided fairly quickly that wasn't for me and changed my major to Marketing. The majority of the other students said "Oh, Marketing. You won't make as much money.". Happiness was not really a factor to them. And we Marketing majors were considered the "artsy" students!! I also wrote for the college newspaper and was a d-j for the college radio station, so I was considered extra artsy. It was the only time in my life I've been considered the artsy rebel!!

  3. I am very stubborn. I also tend to be spoiled, which will not help break me of my stubbornness!!

  4. One of my many high school crushes was on Dave. He seemed to be the perfect guy. We had great fun shopping together and liked so many of the same things. Too many, as it turns out. When news of my crush was leaked to him, I became one of the first in our group of friends he came out to. It was for the best, really. To this day, we are very close friends. He was in our wedding. Had we dated all those years ago, we probably wouldn't still be friends.

  5. I don't tend to keep ex-boyfriends as friends. Not intentionally, it just works out that way. I am friends with a couple guys I only casually dated. As much as Pete likes them, there is always a little jealous part of him that says he hates them.

  6. I bought my own house, all by myself, when I was 31. It was probably the bravest thing I've ever done. I loved living there alone.

  7. Two years ago my house was robbed. They came in through a LOCKED window (popped it with a screw driver). They stole my wallet (and credit cards), camera, small binoculars and some jewelry. It was the worst feeling ever. None of the jewelry had monetary value, but one of the things they took was my Grandmother's ring. It had birthstones representing each of her grandchildren, and it was the only piece of her jewelry I had. That was the last time I have ever slept alone in my house. Pete and I were engaged, but he wasn't going to move in until after the wedding. All the sudden, that seemed like a really stupid idea.

  8. My mom and I are huge figure skating fans. We go to any show in the area, and usually sit in the front row. To us, fifth row seats are like the nose-bleed section. We also think of the skaters as our friends (yeah, we're warped). We were at the Sergei Grinkov tribute. I have met and gotten autographs from Steven Cousins, Craig Heath, Alexei Urmanov, Vyasheslav Zagorodniuk, Rory Burghart, Lu Chen, Josee Chionard, Lucinda Ruh, Brian Boitano, Denis Petrov, Paul Binnebose, Vladimir Petrenko, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Scott Davis, Silvia Fontana and Tatiana Tarasova. I have hugged Viktor Petrenko, and Kurt Browning touched my hip (he was crouched down waiting to go on the ice, and he was holding my chair for balance.)

  9. My father is a twin. My mother's sister also had twins.

  10. When I was in college, I was putting on my Keds for gym and one of the laces broke. I was already late, so I pulled both laces out and wore them like that. To this day, I don't wear laces in my Keds. I have a convoluted story I tell people about the laces being taken away from me when I was in the psyche ward. I got it from my grandmother, she had a friend who was in the psyche ward and had her laces taken away for safety reasons, and she always told me my sneakers reminded her of that!!

  11. People tell me I am just like Monica on Friends. It is actually pretty true. I like things neat and clean and just so, and always use a coaster. Sweetpea also tells me I am like Monk, but I'm not that bad.

  12. Sweetpea and I got married on the five year anniversary of our first date. I have a friend who bugged me for years to go to a singles group with her. I refused, because I didn't believe there would be any "good" guys there. She convinced one of our other friends to go with her. They called me one night and told me the singles group was having an event at a near-by restaurant. I only went because I really liked the nachos they had there. I met Sweetpea that night.

  13. That same friend is still single. I feel bad about that.

  14. I'm six years older than Sweetpea. We almost didn't get together because I though he would think I was too old - and he thought I would think he was too young.

  15. My best friend and I have been best friends for 26 years. I also have a group of "Stop & Shop" friends, we have been friends for 20 years (we all worked together at Stop & Shop in high school). Dave is one of the Stop & Shop friends.

  16. I have been called "the walking contradiction". I tend to contradict myself all the time. I blame it on the fact that I am a Gemini.

  17. I call my husband Sweetpea in real life - not just on my blog. I only call him Pete when I'm mad at him. . . . and Peter James when he's in trouble.

  18. I think I might like to go into web- design. I would need to take a lot of classes. Deep down inside I'm afraid I'm too old to go back to school.

  19. I am terrible at phone calls. My friends (well, really just Dave) always nag me for not calling. I've always considered myself much better at writing than at talking. However, I am the worst speller.

  20. And, as if you couldn't tell, I am very long winded. No short and to the point for me!!


Cathy said...

Not too long winded at all! Nice to meet you! :)


chris said...

I loved you list!! Thanks for playing along! Oh. My. Gawd. KURT BROWNING TOUCHED YOUR HIP??!! We were going to get married and I had our whole lives planned out until other people started calling me nasty names like "stalker." They were just jealous. Oh no! Not another Gemini in my Virgo existence! :-) 2 of the most significant people in my life are Gemini's- my mom and Hairy Legs. And now I know how you scored so dang high on that '80's lyrics quis- DJ, hello!!! Getting burglarized must've been so scary. I'm so sorry you had to go through such a terrible experience. And girl, when you have kids, looks like they're going to come in pairs! Yikes! And you're never too old to go back to school...especially if you're not even old to begin with! :-)

knittinmom said...

I hate making phone calls, too! I'm glad I'm not alone - Bill always thinks I'm mentally deficient when I don't want to call in a take-out order or make a dr. appointment...

And you're never too old to go back to school! My mom went back to get her master's degree the same year that I went to college. And she was an old lady compared to you! (oh, I hope she doesn't read this...)

Kym said...

you're never too old to go to school. time will continue to pass whether you do it or not, so you might as well have something to show for it. plus, in a few years, what you may really be saying is- i'm too old to still be doing something that doesn't make me happy.

do it!! do it!! do it!!

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