Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Secret Project

It's never a good thing when a Secret Project is featured in a WIP post. When that happens, it can only mean one thing. The gift being knitted wasn't finished by it's deadline and has been gifted on the needles. Such is the case with this pair of socks.

socks for mom

They were originally planned as a birthday gift for my mom. When April 15th came and went without me finishing sock one, I decided she didn't need to know about that plan. (Hopefully she's not reading this post.) I decided I could easily finish them for Mother's Day and no harm would be done.

As you can tell, I didn't quite make the Mother's Day deadline either. *sigh* I love the yarn (Great Adirondack Silky Sock) and I love the pattern (Waving Lace Socks from IK). But sore fingers and low blood sugars have significantly slowed down my knitting progress. Mom got to see her new sock(s) on Mother's Day, but can't wear them yet. I am determined to finish them by the end of May, so she can finally wear them and I can get my May Sock A Month 5 credit. It's totally doable, right???


Qutecowgirl said...

Totally doable! Heck I am still working on christmas sweater for my kiddies. I have 1 done and 2 otns. I am hoping by fall they will be done =)

though socks are much easier to knit = )

Marissa said...

I will share my philosophy...if the universe had meant for me to finish projects by the (sometimes impossible) deadlines I set for them, I would be:
a) the world's fastest knitter
b) rich
c) have a nanny, cook, and maid.
If you do not possess any of these enviable attributes, just enjoy the knitting!

Now, go work on those socks and ignore the supper dishes!

Jennifer said...

I think it's doable! May your fingers be fast and accurate!

Anonymous said...

Of course you can do it!

With all you've been through latelly, I'm sure your mom understands why they aren't finished. They are sure pretty though. And don't you just love that pattern?

Sonya said...

Totally doable. Don't feel bad though. I still have the sock yarn for my Dad's Christmas socks from 3 years ago. Haven't even cast on yet. ;o)

Zonda said...

Ewe can do it!! Nice socks!

Andrea said...

Soooo doable! Besides, it turns out mothers love socks no matter when or how they get them!

The colour is just brilliant, and the pattern is perfect for it. Go! Finish for May!

kathy b said...

Sore fingers make it really really difficult. No pressure I say. Im no help at all. Your mom will love them for Fathers Day!

Jenny Raye said...

Take care of those hands!

Jessica said...

You can do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! :) I'm sure your Mom understands why they aren't done though. Sore fingers are definitely a good excuse!

thegabbyknitter said...

I think you can totally do it just be careful with your hands!

Twinkerbell said...

oh my goodness, I love that yarn, it looks so cool!

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