Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lucky me - part 2

So, as if my contest windfall from yesterday wasn't magnificent luck enough, also won a contest over at Adventures in Life and Knitting. I recently "met" Qutecowgirl through my blog (or was it Ravelry?) and around the time I started on the pump we began swapping e-mails about injections. Unfortunately, she has just started doing weekly injections, and I've been trying my best to offer any tips from my years with needles.

Anyway, she had a contest where we needed to guess what her big announcement would be. I took a wild stab (no injection-pun intended!!) and guessed correctly that she would be opening an Etsy shop! My prize was to pick any item from the shop, but I told her it would be more fun if she just surprised me with something. And look what came in the mail!!

Straight from the brand new Qutecowgirl's Barn Yarn - a beautiful skein of superwash DK yarn in a new spring flower inspired colorway called "Marigold". It's bright and cheerful and gorgeous, and I couldn't have wished for a prettier yarn! She also included a matching packet of Soak Wool Wash and a cute little stitch marker that's made "Just for Me".

My camera won't take a good picture of smaller things, but the little charm on the stitch marker says "Just for You". I feel so lucky to have won this gorgeous yarn from Qutecowgirl's new shop!! She's got many other pretty skeins available, and some roving for you spinners - so hop on over and take a look!!

As it turns out, luck smiled on Pea and I one more time last night. We were happily watching Dancing with the Stars, which this season combines both my love for Ballroom and my love for Figure Skating. (Go Kristi!!) We heard loud voices outside, but figured it was just the usual teenagers wandering up and down the street. When flashing lights began to shine through the window, we realized something was wrong. It was hard to get good pictures in the dark, but here's what we saw.

as always, click to enlarge

The street was blocked off and our next-door neighbor's car was on fire. Huge flames shooting from the hood and a scary wind blowing them around. The firemen sprayed it with foam, it died down, and then caught again. They finally got the hod extinguished, only to have the interior burst into flames too. Luckily, that was put out quickly and the fire never reached the gas tank. No other cars were damaged and our houses were fine. We aren't sure what happened to cause the fire, but I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

Pea and I are very thankful when we think about how much more dangerous the situation could have been. The car was parked out on the street, but what would have happened if it has been in their driveway? Our driveways meet and our separated by only a thin row of (flammable) bushes. And our houses are only about a foot away from our driveways. And the wind was whipping pretty good last night. I think if the car had been in their driveway, our houses may very well have ignited as well.

So yes, when things look sad and dim, the universe will show you how very luck you are. Not only with happy crafty prizes and wonderful blog-pals. But also with a guardian angel looking out for the things you love. I'd say I'm one lucky girl.


Sonya said...

Pretty yarn! I have some Chewy Spaghetti that's a similar colorway. Yikes! on the car burning. Glad it was on the street. We woke up one early morning to find the house 2 doors down on fire, fully engulfed as they say. The fire dept. was already there and we'd slept through most of the activity.

kathy b said...

Awwww, you know I love the Fireman.

bmom said...

What a great prize! And you're so lucky about that fire -- your guardian angel is definitely watching.

Qutecowgirl said...

I think it is Karma. I had just got home from the doctor sitting here worrying over how the heck I was going to do the whole injection thing when I read about your pump. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask and tada.

Your virtual hand holding really did help, Thank You again =)

Scary stuff with the fire. Glad everything is ok.

Kristin said...

Wow, how scary about the car fire. I'm glad things turned out okay. The yarn is beautiful! :)

Zonda said...

Whew, that was close! Glad nothing happened to your house, etc.

Pretty yarn and stitchmarker.

You are a great virtual hand holder!! I should know as well! :) Thanks for that!

Jessica said...

Wow. Definitely lucky on all fronts. Glad you and your property are safe and sound!

Heide said...

Car fires are usually not random... although it has been known to happen. How scary. We had a stolen car set ablaze across from our old home and that baby was loud when it blew up. Yikes. Lovely yarn!

KT said...

I'm so glad the universe tipped in you favor on that one. That must have been seriously scary to consider.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness your guardian angel wasn't taking the night off. ;-) That was close!

Alisha said...

That must have been a tad scary for sure. I hate to see fires.

Love your yarn....very beautiful.

Sourire11 said...

Beautiful yarn - and that's so freaky about the fire. I'm glad that you guys weren't touched by it at all.

thegabbyknitter said...

What cool prize!

How terrible! I'm so glad no one got hurt.

knitseashore said...

I'm so glad that you won those prizes and had a little pick-me-up when you needed it most. And I'm very glad your houses were spared and you stayed safe!!!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky that the tires/windows didn't pop...my friend's car caught on fire in the parking lot at work, and we all had to watch as the firemen just let it burn...boy are those popping windows scary!

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