Friday, June 30, 2006

June 26, 2006 . . .

we were here!! (Are you getting tired of all these anniversary posts? I promise, this is the last one!!) Our second anniversary brought us back to lovely Cape May. We've gone a few times before, when Pea was living in NJ, just outside of Philadelphia. It was a tough time for us, being so far apart, so we took a couple seaside get-aways to Cape May.

Cape May is quite a beautiful and historic town, being the oldest seaside resort in the United States. Cape May's history includes several big fires, the largest happening in 1878 and ruining 35 acres of buildings. On the up-side, rebuilding brought the wealth of Victorian architecture that makes Cape May so charming today. The town has since been declared an historic landmark. Here are a few of the beautiful houses I was able to photograph before my camera batteries died. (I always forget to recharge them before vacation.)

Pretty houses in Cape MayWe stayed at a lovely B&B, where we got quite used to being served big delicious breakfasts every day!! To alleviate the guilt (and any high blood sugar readings), we took long walks along the beach each morning after breakfast. In the afternoon, we browsed through the many cute shops, and sat on the porch of Captain Mey's to read . . . and knit!! In the evenings, it was a nice walk to tons of great restaurants. My favorite was Martini Beach, where we feasted on tapas while overlooking the beach on our anniversary. Alas, no sight of the ghost who haunts the building though!

As for the knitting, there was a wonderful yarn store right up the block from the B&B. I had planned to visit several times, but unfortunately we never made it back there after our first visit. Some pretty Fortissima sock yarn did manage to come home with me though. Good thing, because guess what I worked on in Cape May, and finished today??

Blues Power!!

Blues Power Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Color Your Own
Cast On: June 9, 2006
Completed: June 30, 2006

This yarn did grow on me, and I guess the socks look pretty good for my first dye job. They are just a basic toe-up, stockinette stitch sock, with ten rows of K2, P1 ribbing on the top. They're so comfy that I almost wish it was cold enough to wear them all day!! Oh well, at least I slid them just under the wire for the Sock A Month KAL and Project Spectrum June!!


Stephanie said...

That's your first dye job? They look great!

Emma said...

Beautiful houses, and very pretty handdyed socks too!

Sonya said...

What a nice little vacation! I love old homes. Such character. I think those socks are a great dye job and knit job.

AmyArtisan said...

The socks look great!

Your vacation sounds lovely! I've always wanted to visit Cape May - in 8th grade my English teacher had the prettiest Cape May sweatershirt that she would wear when she was pregnant sp whenever I hear about Cape May I think of Ms. Cameron-Mullander. :)

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures yet again and the socks came out beautiful! You did a lovely job dyeing the yarn :)

Casey said...

Your first dying job seems to have turned out well! The color of your socks is really pretty. I'm glad you had a fun trip.

Heide said...

" I guess the socks look pretty good for my first dye job"

Are you serious? They are beautiful, not just "pretty good." Girl, you seriously under rate your talents. Cape May looks beautiful. Thank you for the pictures.

Ragan said...

Lovely socks!! They came out great!!! Lovely yarn too!!! Really!!!!
Wow, those are some great old houses. I would love to live in something like that, but, my hubby has a fear of ghosts. Tee-hee.

kathy b said...

Blue power socks are soooooooo fun. Very pretty.

Happy Anniversary to you and PEA! and so many more.

Ya-Ya said...

Hi Karen,

How are you? I love the socks and I was so happy to see Cape May again. I love it there too. Sorry I have been MIA, but the summer does that once the kids are out of school. Hope you are well!

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