Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 26, 2004 . . .

on the five year anniversary of our first date, Pea and I were married. Once we got engaged and I looked at the 2004 calendar and saw June 26th was a Saturday, we had our wedding date set!!!

The day started out rainy, so our outdoor ceremony got moved inside. I wasn't too disappointed, because I knew SOMETHING goes wrong on any given wedding day. My philosophy was, as long as the Justice of the Peace showed up to pronounce us man and wife, I'd consider that the day went off without a hitch. The indoor ceremony was lovely (most of it is actually a blur, but the wedding video proved it was as lovely as I imagine). I cried through almost the whole thing, and nearly couldn't get my vows out.

Luckily, the skies cleared in time for our pictures to be taken outdoors.

Isn't my bouquet beautiful. It was always my dream to have my grandparents do my wedding flowers, but they had passed on long before I met Pea. Enter my best friend since 6th grade!! She has worked as a florist too, so she did my wedding flowers (in my own kitchen, I might add!!). She was also Maid of Honor (we made a pact at her wedding that we wouldn't have to call her Matron just because she was married first), deliverer of the wedding toast (Pea's best man was in boot camp - good thing Heidi is an actress, she was quite comfortable with a microphone in her hand), and "hatcher" of my ring bearer (her son / my godson Zach!!). We wouldn't have had a wedding without her!

We STILL haven't gotten around to choosing the pictures from our photographer and getting the photo CD, so these are not my favorite wedding pictures. Pea's got his sunglasses hiding his wonderful eyes, and I more often than not have a weird expression on my face. But Pea particularly likes the one on the right above - he claims I give him that glare all the time!!