Thursday, March 09, 2006

Slow week

Yikes, has it really been five days since I've posted??? I guess things here have been quiet and mellow - which sometimes is not necessarily a bad thing, right?

I did block my Lopi Lace Scarf and have been wearing it every time I go out. I really love it, it's just the perfect length, the pattern is so pretty and feels great after it's Eucalan wash.

Lopi Lace Scarf

Lopi Lace Scarf from Weekend Knitting
Yarn: Cascade 220 colors Celtic Green (9410) and Silver Grey (8401)
Cast on: February 15, 2006
Completed: March 1, 2006

This was a really fun knit, and the only reason it took me two weeks was because it was during the Knitting Olympics. I could only knit it when I was too darn tired to do one more round on the socks.

Thuja SockSpeaking of socks, my Thuja socks also got cast aside due to Olympic pressure. Now that I'm free to work on whatever I want, I've been knitting on these again. I turned the heel and am almost through the gusset decreases. I love the Trekking XXL!! The color changes are reminding me of the Caribbean ocean on our cruise, which is always a nice memory to have. The sock looks thin, but it's super stretchy and, as far as I can tell, will fit me fine.

I've also started the Sunrise Circle Jacket and am about half-way up the back. I'll wait until there is more exciting progress before I post a picture of that.

Bored yet? Yeah, this post is even putting me to sleep!!! I guess I'll go put on a load of laundry and start dinner. See, that's what this slow week has been like around here. But I talked to my old boss today - she was all stressed out, no one helps with the work, they still haven't hired my replacement, and nothing there has changed. I'm so glad I got out of there. Give me this slow, quiet life any day!!!!


Lynda said...

I hear ya- slow and boring - I'll take it anyday over stressful and crazy! I love your scarf, lacy but not frilly, (although I like the frilly too!)... very nice!

Sonya said...

I think slow and boring sounds wonderful. I've been home part of the week with a sinus infection, and I gotta say, it's kinda nice. Not productive at all, but nice. Your lace scarf is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your sunrise circle. Such a great pattern.

Cathy said...

I too love the trekking, and I NEVER find your posts boring! Enjoy your slow quiet times - I love those days the best.

chris said...

You are so NOT boring, silly girl! ;-) Your Lace Scarf is gorgeous!! I love that beautiful, deep Celtic green. That lace design is so pretty, too! And your Thuja socks look fantastic! I love the color transitions on the Trekking you're using. I've heard such wonderful reviews of Trekking and I can't wait to knit with it! Sounds like you've made really good progress on your Sunrise Circle Jacket, too. Looking forward to seeing those pics! And like Christine said, your life may be more quiet now, but it's not like you're sitting around eating bonbons with your feet up in the air all day!! You're still working and doing a lot- just hopefully in a more conducive situation than where you were working before. (BTW, modeled scarf pics, cough, hint, cough! ;-))Take care, Karen! :-)

jessica said...

I love your lopi lace scarf! When I saw that it was from weekend knitting I didn't beleive you... but it is. I'm really statring to like lace more and more. I love trekking xxl, my lys carries it and I've been dying to try it out. I only need the time;o) I'm excited to see your progress on the sunrise circle jacket, such a pretty jacket! Enjoy your slow and quiet times!

Wendy said...

Please post pics of Sunrise Jacket soon! I bought yarn for the project, but then I read the pattern, and it seems like it could go horribly awry. I'm on pins and needles to see someone with a finished version.

Good luck!


Ragan said...

The Lopi Lace is lovely! Your socks seem to be coming along really nicely too! I can't wait to see the progress on the jacket!

Casey said...

I love your scarf! I had never noticed it in the book, but it's really lovely. Isn't it funny when you don't notice a pattern until you see someone knit it? I can't wait to see pictures of your circle jacket.

Anonymous said...

Love the scarf! It looks great :o)

After I quit my job last year, my boss told me stuff like that, too. Then he talked me into coming back. ugh.

The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Wow your Lopi-Lace scarf has such solid, strong lines, did those come out after the blocking? I'm in theprocess of working on one and it looks nowhere as sharp as yours--bravo!

Bonnie said...

I've looked at that lace scarf in Weekend Knitting and thought about making it, but not with Lopi (too scratchy). Yours looks really nice! It makes me want to give it a go next fall.

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