Thursday, March 16, 2006

The thing about plans . . .

is that sometimes they don't quite work out. My plan to get married outdoors . . . well, Mother Nature had a different plan, one that involved watering the gardens. My plan to start on a new career path after the New Year . . . well, I didn't exactly say which New Year, and things are going quite nicely here at home for now. My plan for Fettuccine all'Alfredo con Prosciutto di Parma on Monday night . . . well, I don't know what happened there, but the sauce looked more like something you would spackle your walls with than something you'd want to eat. That never happens to me, I think maybe I didn't grate the cheese finely enough. On second thought, maybe it's because I substituted fat-free half & half (when in doubt, blame the healthy ingredient).

My plan for today's post was to show you my completed Sunrise Circle Jacket back. Umm, well, maybe not. I am ALMOST done, but I'm running into a bit of a problem with my bind off. I'm trying to bind off and knit the hem at the same time. That was another plan that's not working so well. I made a bit of a boo-boo but am hoping it won't be very noticeable . . . the seam is a bit wonky. But my hair will cover it, and blocking may help it, and I really think no one will notice but me. Of course, now it's no longer perfect, but I really don't think I can fix it. So, I'm forging ahead. But it's very slow going . . . . because I want the rest of the hem to be perfect.

So for now, why don't I show you the progress on my Thuja socks? One is done, and the second is started!!!

Ocean SocksSo far I seem to stave off Second Sock Syndrome because I'm too excited about actually having a PAIR of socks to wear not to cast on for the second. Since my Olympic socks were a gift, the only other hand-knit socks I have are Socklings. I wear them every night (and morning) with my jammies . . . . then throw them in the wash after a few days . . . . then start wearing them again as soon as they are dry. Those poor little Socklings, they are really pilling like crazy. They need some more hand-knits in the rotation to help take some of the strain off them. I plan to finish this pair by the end of March (to earn my M), and hopefully this plan should go off without a hitch. And I think I'm going to call them my Ocean Socks, because the colors remind me of the Caribbean ocean on our cruise!!

The plan for tomorrow - Sunrise back. Oh, and lots of green. These little guys are in my living room getting ready for tomorrow's celebration.

The rest of their friends will be in tomorrow's post. And no, I'm not Irish at all . . . . but don't they say we're all Irish on St. Patrick's Day??

PS: I also planned people would actually be able to read my post . . . but Bloglines has planned differently and doesn't see my blog feed. So much for all of today's plans!!


Lynda said...

You came up on my Bloglines! All's good here. Love your socks, and can't wait to see your jacket progress!!

amandazen said...

Karen today you came up on my bloglines. Sorry about the goof on your jacket but I am sure that it still looks great. Great job on your Thuja socks!

Amanda :)

Sonya said...

Ah, the best laid plans and all that. Enjoy your time at home. If I were home, Kevin would have to pry me off my chair with a forklift to get me back to work. Your Thuja socks are looking great!

Cathy said...

I didn't see the post either. No worries, I am certain you will take care of the back of that jacket in no time :) Love the sock colors!

Ragan said...

Ooooo-ahhhhh. Nice socks!!!

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