Friday, March 03, 2006

The baby is coming!!!!

The official due date is end of March. I just got off the phone with my Best Friend-In-Law (aka Best Friend's Husband). She being induced right now. It's early, but her blood pressure was continuing to rise and pushing her into preeclampsia (I don't know what that is, but I know it's bad. I'll go look it up when I'm done). They said it's safer to give birth now than wait any longer. I'm a mix of so excited and a little worried. So please, if you could, keep them in your thoughts.

**** Okay, I just looked up preeclampsia, and it's some scary stuff. Any healing thoughts and prayers (what ever is you thing) would be greatly appreciated.


Sonya said...

Karen, I'll be praying that the baby arrives without complications. Exciting and scary all at once!

Ragan said...

Best wishes to them, and post pictures when you see the baby!!!

Cathy said...

Thoughts and Prayers are with them. I had two of my four a month early and they were fine - Can't wait to hear all about the little darling :)

kathy b said...


Girls are a bit better at being earlier than boys. Usually if the mom is a bit stressed, the baby's lung mature earlier. A very good thing. Don't read anymore. You should be knitting for her.

your blog reader and neonatal nurse
kathy b

Anonymous said...

You will be surprised, I'm sure at just how perfectly this delivery will be...knit for the baby, and I agree with the nurse...don't read any more!
Praying for her and her baby.

chris said...

Heidi and baby are in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to both of them... I know it can be scary, but I have faith that in a day or so, we'll be hearing all about a strapping, healthy baby and a tired but thrilled mom!! Take care and hugs to you, Karen! :-)

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