Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ever have a couple of really good days? Or on the other hand, ever have something really good happen, that makes your whole day seem great? I spent yesterday running around doing errands, and came home feeling exhausted and wondering why people need to be so snarky and mean to each other. Then I took in the mail, and realized that for the most part, people are sweet and good and thoughtful, and there are just a few who are duds.

The sweet, good, thoughtful person who made my day yesterday was my friend Ragan, who not only knits very well, but is a crafter extraordinaire!!!! Just look at what she sent me!!!!!

Stitch Marker BeautysHandmade pansy stitch markers and a lovely note!!! Seems she signed up for a stitch marker swap, and when she saw I wasn't on the list, she decided to send me some anyway so I wouldn't miss out on the fun. Isn't that sweet? And how ever did she know to send me the pansy ones? When I was little, my grandfather was a florist, and I would spend hours sitting in front of the shop looking at the pansies. And now that I have my own house, I plant pansies up the front walk every spring. It's like she somehow knew!!! Thank you Ragan, you really made my Monday!! Go on over and give her a big MWAH, okay?

First thing this morning, the second good thing happened. I finished up my Ocean Socks!!

Ocean Socks!!!

Thuja socks by Bobby Ziegler
Cast On: January 20, 2006
Completed: March 21, 2006
Knit on size 3 DPNs with Trekking XXL color 104

I had a lot of fun knitting these socks. They did get put aside during the Olympics, but I was so glad to get back to them because the pattern is so much better. I love the Trekking yarn, it lived up to every good thing I've heard about it.

I am officially addicted to sock knitting now. I've already cast on for my next pair with the same yarn I made the Olympic socks out of. That pair went to my best friend, so now I'll have a pair to match. Maybe I'll call them my Bestus Buddy socks . . . just to go back to that junior high mentality!! I'd show you my progress on them, but the camera batteries died after the Ocean Sock picture. I'm doing them on two circs and using this pattern so I can give short row heels a try. I'm so anxious to learn something new with each pair of socks I knit. I wonder what I'll try after the Bestus Buddy Socks are done. Any suggestions? What's your favorite sock technique or pattern?


Wendy said...

Nice socks! I'm too much of a first sock syndromer, that it's even hard for me to envision casting on and completing a second one!


Ragan said...

I am glad that the stitch markers made your day, and I LOVE those socks! They are terrific!

chris said...

Aaaghhh!! I knew something must've been wrong with my Bloglines feed again!! I'm going to have to start freaking you out and compulsively checking over here, LOL! Your new stitch markers from Ragan are beautiful!! What a wonderful package- such a sweet gift! It's uncanny how she chose pansies, especially with all the wonderful memories you associate with them. And your Thuja socks!!! GORGEOUS!!! I love the way that Trekking knitted up- they look like they fit perfectly! Beautiful job! I haven't deviated much from the dpn, top down, toe up and short row heel variations, but like you, I'm hoping to give 2 circs and magic loop a try soon. Can't wait to see your Bestus Buddy socks! Take care, Karen! :-)

Unknown said...

Conwy from Knitting On The Road! Made them twice myself.

knittinmom said...

Yay! Finished socks! And the stitch markers are lovely. Love that Ragan!

Stephanie said...

I love Charlene Schurch's sock knitting book. There are tons of great patterns in there and you can mix and match most of them.

Cathy said...

What a wonderful friend you have to send you such gorgeous stitch markers and your socks came out fantastic! I am so happy that you have joined the sock brigade! They really are too much fun!

Just so you know, you didn't show up on my blogline feed until just now - 10:50 PM Wednesday night. HMMMMMMMMMMM :(

Kym said...

i dig your socks' colorway. very pretty shades of blue!

your friend made some great stitch markers- did she make the beads too or did she buy them? i love the little flowers- it would be cool to make a little bracelet out of similar beads.

Sonya said...

Your socks are so pretty! I love the way the colors change. And such pretty stitch markers. I love pansies too and those tiny ones inside the beads are so cute. My favorite socks that I've knitted are the Whitbys from Knitting on the Road. Really enjoyed the pattern and love wearing them.

amandazen said...

Way to go Ragan! Beautiful Ocean socks are fantastic they look so comfortable!

Amanda :)

Anonymous said...

Your socks are splendiferous! And, those stitch markers are beautiful :o)

lexa said...

Nice socks - cute stitch markers, too!

Zonda said...

Love your stitchmarkers!

So you made your Thujas using regular sock yarn, not worsted? On size 3's! Thank you so much for that...It has been hard to find worsted to do these! You made my day as I like the pattern a lot!

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