Monday, February 06, 2006


So apparently there was some kind of popular sporting event going on last night? Hmm, if they aren't doing quadruple toe-loops and double axels, I don't know about it. Does anyone know who won???

I do know who the winners of the three FO Week Grand Prizes are!! My good friend the random number generator was happy to help me out with that one!! So, congratulations to Chris of bits of knits, Ragan of ragan knits, but not so well (not true!!), and Jessica of Jessalu Knits!!!

Of course, in FO Week, everyone is a winner. With that in mind, and to thank you all for signing up and FOing along with me, I have a little thank you for each of you!! So, would everyone be so kind as to e-mail me (knitgirl901 AT optonline DOT net) with your snail mail addresses?? I plan to get all prize packs and thank yous mailed out on Wednesday or Thursday!!! Thank you all for making my FO Week endeavor such a huge success. While it has inspired me to keep my WIPs down to a manageable number so I can actually FINISH the things I am knitting . . . I can't promise I won't cave to the temptation of all the wonderful patterns and great yarns out there. So when the time comes that my WIP basket is once again overflowing, maybe will do FO Week II!!

For now, I'm working on a pair of legwarmers to Cover My Ankles. After searching for a pattern that I loved and not finding quite what I had in mind anywhere, I whipped out The Knitting Directory I got for Christmas, found a stitch pattern I liked, and began trying to write my own pattern!!! I think I'm through the hardest part now, and I'm pleased with how the first one is coming out. I've also been working on my Thuja socks, and I'm loving both the pattern and the Trekking XXL yarn I'm using for them. They probably will have to be put on the back burner for the rest of the month, because . . .

TODAY STARTS MY OLYMPIC TRAINING!!!! That's right, friends, opening ceremonies are this FRIDAY!!!! To say I'm starting to panic would be a huge understatement. So I'm off to learn the scary looking half-hitch cast on (I'm not sure that's the real name for it) and swatch, swatch, swatch. Oh yeah, and load up on my coffee!! Go Team Caffeine!



Anonymous said...


RR has today off and was sitting next to me when I got your comment. Needless to say he's thrilled that there's more yarn coming into the house ;o)

I'm freaking about the Olympics - I ordered my needles online a week ago and haven't gotten them yet. I got the buttons, though!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks :o) Sorry, I got carried away. I've never won anything from a blogfriend before!

Ragan said...

YIPEE!! I WON I WON! Cool!!! I will email the snail mail address right now. Um...I am with you on the game last night. I watched the opening (because it was Stevie Wonder)and then...went to bed. But, I know that Pittsburgh won (only because it was all over the radio this morning). I am more excited about the Olympics! I should have joined the knitting one (since I am NO athlete)!

Jenn said...

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for this - it inspired me to power through all that ribbing and finish my shrug and I love it! Now if I could just finish up my second Jaywalker so I could wear them this week!

chris said...

Thank you so much, Karen!! I'm so excited- you're much too generous!! I didn't even realize that there were going to be prizes until yesterday. This was such a fun KAL and such good motivation for getting those projects off the needles. Everyone knitted such great stuff. You're so sweet and generous to be giving out prizes on top of all the hard work and time you've put into hostessing this KAL. Thank you!!! Can't wait to see the pattern you're working on...and Team Caffeine- I LOVE it!! I'll be your coffee girl, making sure that everyone's mugs (stainless steel, of course ;-)) are filled! Take care, Karen! :-)

Cathy said...

Oh it sounds like you all had so much! Congratulations on all of the FO's :) Let me know how that half hitch goes - I'm dying to find out how you like the 2 on 2 for the Olympics.

Sonya said...

Great contest, Karen! I didn't have anything even remotely close to being an FO, but I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's.

The beginning of the knitting Olympics is sneaking up on me just like Christmas does. Must. Train. Harder.

Lisa P said...

Me too. I didn't have anything I could add but I really liked seeing what everyone else was working on.

I'll be back a lot more often now that the Knitting Olympics have started to see how Team Caffeine is doing. :D Go Team Caffeine!

Jillio said...

yes, i'm another person with NO FO's by my name :*( but that's okay. i'll have some soon (i hope).
i'll be rooting for you during the knitting olympics! yay! i'm so excited for you. and duuuude, i would SO be on Team Caffeine :) kinda feel bad about that because i had my teeth bleached a couple of years ago since my teeth weren't pretty; i had a HUGE coffee addiction in college (at least it wasn't an alcohol addiction...).
anyways, that was a really sweet comment you left about your Grammy :) i had to smile at that because i thought it was just so very sweet. i think even though you didn't take up knitting with her then, i'm sure she's very happy that you're so avid about it now. i think she'd be very proud. :)
my dad tells me the same thing. i just found some of my great grandmother's (gg) craft (knit / crochet) books. he says i should keep them, and that he's very happy that i'm picking up knitting & crochet because my grandmothers (gg & my mom's mother) were skilled with their hands like that...something of theirs that i take with me, as you carry the spirit of your grandmother when you create with your hands :) i definitely feel you on that one!
btw, this was supposed to be a short comment and i was going to email you afterward but everything sorta just came out. hope you don't mind ;)

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