Tuesday, February 21, 2006

For her pleasure????

I've just stared the ribbing portion of my Olympic Socks. The ribs are NOT pleasurable!!!

Enlarge to see the ugly ribbing at the very top!!!It looks pretty crappy, but since I'm only two rows in I am hopeful it will look a little better once I get a few inches done. However, I don't like the sloppy look that the purl stitches have at each color change, and since the ribbing runs up the entire leg there will be quite a few color changes before I'm done. I could just continue in stockinette stitch for the leg, but I think I'll give the ribs a chance. I'm not crazy about the toe portion of these socks either. As a learning tool, this pattern is extremely well written and easy to follow, but I don't think the finished socks will be among my favorites.

I also have a question for those of you who are experienced in knitting with self-striping yarn. As I began these socks, the yarn was perfectly matched. The colors changed at the same point on both socks. Somewhere along the way, I seem to be getting more and more thrown off. The second sock changes color about a row earlier than the first. I'm assuming it's my knitting . . . maybe my knitting is looser on the second sock and it's sucking up a bit more yarn? Or maybe this normal for self striping yarn, they are close but not exact? I'm sure it's me, not the yarn. Either way, it's not noticeable to the naked eye . . . so far.

My Olympic Plan . . . knit as many more inches as I can through Friday. And that's how long the socks will be (It's not cheating . . . the pattern says to knit until they are as long as you want them . . . not that you couldn't do that with ANY sock pattern!!). Then, knit the two afterthought heels on Saturday and Sunday morning. If all goes well . . . GOLD!!!!!


Lynda said...

The socks are cool - but the title of your post... totally cracks me up!!

kathy b said...

You just keep on keepin on. I like the self striping yarns for a change. Can't wait to see them finished.

Sonya said...

Is it 1x1 ribbing? That's the worst. I did a pair of toe-ups for my husband and he wanted really long cuffs, like almost to his knees. I was about in tears by the time I finished that ribbing. Never again, said I.

chris said...

You've made such good progress on the socks!! They're almost double what you posted just two days ago- awesome job! I think self-striping yarn is evil. ;-) It lulls you into complacency, thinking thinking that everything's going to match up and be fine and dandy, then WHAM! You realize that you somehow have fraternal socks! I've only used self-striping sock yarn twice, but both times, in spite of my most careful efforts, the stripes didn't match up. They're out to get us. ;-) I'm interested in hearing how you like the afterthought heels- I've always wanted to give those a try. Go for the gold, Karen- you're so close! Take care! :-)

Laura said...

I think Chris is right, it's an inherent quality of self-striping yarn -- there's going to be a little difference. But they should turn out to be close enough matches. Some yarns are more exactly striped than others. I have used Regia self-striping yarn and it's pretty consistent.

Jillio said...

self-striping yarn definitely does not always match up. it's the yarn, it's changes in your tension, it's where the stripes begin and end, it's microns of deviations carried over from stitch to stitch...it's a lot of things.
what is an afterthought heel?
great progress, though! definitely worth gold :)

Scoutj said...

I found your blog through someone and loved the title of this post. I knew I'd like you just from that. lol

Ragan said...

I found that the best you can do to match up the stripes is try to match up the exact starting points in each skein prior to the start. They never really match up PERFECTLY...but this makes them close! :) Your socks seem to match rather well though!!!
You crack me up with your posts, I so very much enjoy reading them.

Cathy said...

You are too funny! I too was a nutcase about crumbs and cleaning, but after my fourth kid, I had to ease up a bit (not much, just a bit);) The socks are coming along great and I can't wait to see them finished, you are definately getting the Gold! I also am interested in hearing how the afterthought heels go. Happy Knitting Karen!

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