Wednesday, February 01, 2006

FO Day Three

Show Me Your FO!!!

Day three and we are still going strong!! I'm so excited by all the FOs to Show, and am hoping we will have at least one every day. I'm also getting together the prizes, which are a big secret. Why?? Well, because I don't quite have them yet. I did some on-line shopping last night and am planning a LYS run Friday or Saturday, and then I'll assemble them. Names will be drawn and winner announced on Monday, so submit those FOs and earn your extra entries!!!!

Chrissy has her second FO!!! She has finished a design she is submitting to Knitty - isn't that exciting??? (It's a long post, but keep reading and she'll tell you about it) No picture yet, due to the top secret nature of design, but hopefully we'll all be seeing it in the next Knitty! Send out some luck to her!! While you're at it, hop on over to the new edition of MagKnits and check out her Ziggy!!!

Jenn also has a second FO, a baby sweater that's been waiting since December to be seamed. She's new to seaming (I am too, with a baby sweater waiting in the wings) but got great help from The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques. Looking at the sweater, you'll see what a great job she did! I'm so glad I snapped this book up at a post-Christmas sale . . . I'll keep it by my side as I tackle my baby sweater. Thanks for the tip, Jenn!

As for me, today's FO is no 'mo. I was so close to finishing Airy Scarf. I was starting row 111 of 134 when I stopped again to take a look. And that's when I saw IT. A DROPPED STITCH. IN ROW SEVEN!!!!! I guess the hairy quality of the yarn had covered it and held the threads together all this time. Now that it had finally broken free and revealed itself, I knew I only had one choice. The dreaded FROG. Pea was flabbergasted and begged me not to rip it out, but I explained that the hole would only continue to grow once I blocked it and wore it. (He actually tried to grab it away from me to stop me!! He was more upset than I was!) The whole scarf was loaded with mistakes, and that yarn was far too expensive to turn into something that crappy. I learned a lot while struggling my way through. I definitely think the project was too hard for me when I started, but I think I have progressed to a point where I can handle it now. So I'll start over and do the whole thing right this time. After all, it is just a four hour knit . . . even if I had been working on it off and on since August. (Mostly off, but I guess that goes without saying.) And for all of you who have speculated, yes, Kidsilk Haze is a nightmare to FROG.

Not much else to report here. Pea and I had a great ballroom dance lesson tonight. We did cha cha for the whole 45 minutes, and since I love cha cha I was happy. Anyone who doesn't think ballroom dance is a great workout should try 45 minutes of cha cha. Granted, the steps we do are not as fancy as you'll see on Dancing with the Stars, but it's just so much fun. If you can talk your SO into going, I highly recommend it. But go with a good sense of humor, because you will feel like you have two left feet at first. Heck,we've been taking lessons for almost two years and I still usually feel like I have two left feet. I won't let it stop me though!!

Don't Trip
You will be smothered under a rug. You're a little

anti-social, and may want to start gaining

new social skills by making prank phone


What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

I had to re-post so I could add this quiz that Stephanie found. I love Edward Gorey, and actually have this book in display. It cracks me up. Yes, I have a weird and dark sense of humor somtimes.


Anonymous said...

oh, I am so sorry to hear about your trip to the frog pond! :o((

I don't know if I'll make an FO this week - I'm working my butt off to finish my socks but they feel like they're taking forEVER.

Roger says he'll take dance lessons for our wedding - since the wedding will be a '40's theme and there will be much swing dancing going on he knows he'd better learn! ;o)

chris said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear about Airy Scarf's demise. :( I know that frog pond all too well and it's a hard place to stay afloat sometimes. Pea is so sweet to have been so concerned! He's such a supportive knit-mate. ;-) I'm glad you're happy with your decision to frog, though. It's hard at the moment, but ultimately, it's most important to have an FO that you're happy with in the end. BTW, dark and weird is good. I'm all about that kind of humor! ;-) Thanks for all the updates and take care, Karen! :-)

Sonya said...

A moment of silence at Cottage46 for the Airy Scarf. .......... What a bummer. Very sweet of Pea to be so concerned though. Such is the life of knitter husbands.

knittinmom said...

Agh! What a freakin' bummer. I hate, hate, hate frogging those hairy yarns (remember Culvert?)!

But hey, you should be an expert in the pattern now... I love frogging in front of family. They get so upset.

Laura said...

I liked that quiz too, but I only want to be "N is for Neville, who died of ennui." :)

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