Sunday, February 12, 2006

Network down, slow socks & lots of snow

I'm back!!! Friday my laptop suddenly decided it could no longer connect to the Internet, so I was a bit side-lined for the past few days. I'm pretty good at figuring things out on the computer. I'm terrible about figuring out what to do when the computer decides to stop working. Thank goodness for Sweetpea. As it turned out, a network cable had come loose from the router. Plug the cable back in, problem solved.

Everyone has been posting their Olympic Progress. I know it's not a race, but wait until you see how little progress I have!!! (Yes, I'm in my flannel jammies!!)

Olympic Socks - Day OneI'm okay with this though. It's very slow going, because it's my first time knitting on two circulars and it will take me a while to get the technique down and pick up a rhythm. I'm also slowly learning how to handle the two yarn balls without having to stop every few rows to untangle them. Truthfully, if this wasn't my Olympic Challenge, I would have ditched the two at once socks somewhere around row 5. I'd be doing One Sock, Toe-Up, on Two Circs right now. But, it's my Olympic Challenge, so I will persevere. It's actually a good thing to push myself, because I am managing to do this without taking the easy way out.

For some reason, I decided I didn't want to cast on until I saw the flame lighting on the Opening Ceremonies broadcast. What I failed to realize was that the flame lighting would not air until 11:30 pm EST, at which point I would have fallen asleep numerous times and be up for nothing more than a crawl into bed. I decided casting on yesterday would be great too, because that was the official first day of Olympic competition!!

We are supposed to go to a friends house for a dinner party tonight with a nice group of people we've met at ballroom dancing. But it looks like we'll be snow-bound for the rest of the day. The blizzard has hit hard today, and it shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. According to the weather reports, this should keep up for the next four to six hours. I ventured as far as the front porch for some action shots!!!

It's a blizzard!!

Pea, in his hand-knit hat, added for scale!!

Looks like we're getting new next door neighbors . . . the top sign says Sale Pending under the snow!!

Snow drift on the front porch.

We're very thankful that my uncle gave Pea his old snowblower!!! It looks like we're going to need it.


Chrissy said...

You're so brave knitting 2 socks at once. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm too afraid I'd mess them up. The sock progress looks great!

chris said...

That's awesome progress, Karen!! Especially considering that it's only been one day! I haven't done two socks at once, but I imagine that the progress probably doesn't seem as visually gratifying as when you're doing one at a time. But remember, when you get to the end, you'll be done with both socks, simultaneously!! And I'm sure that's a heck of a lot more gratifying than getting to the end of one sock, only to realize that you need to cast-on for yet ANOTHER sock to finish the pair. You're so awesome- look at you go! You've inspired me to give the 2 at once thing a shot next time. And that snow just blows my mind- I can't even imagine that kind of cold!! Stay warm and take care- I'm cheering you on! :-)

Olga said...

You are an inspiration! My New Year's resolution was to learn to do socks on two circs, but have I tried? Naaaah.

Love the snow pix! And Sweetpea is such a cutie! He looks like the best guy in the whole world. :-) (Any man who buys yarn for you has got to be.)

lexa said...

I've never done two socks at once. I've never done socks on circs! Am I old-fashioned or what? We are getting your snow right now, although it has slowed down a lot. It started here this morning (Nova Scotia), and I think we only got about half of what the forecast said. Through the night it could change to freezing rain or rain. Hopefully it won't rain it all away - I bought crazy carpets last night for me and the boys! Will have to listen to the radio in the morning to see if school is closed or not.

Ragan said...

WOW! Look at the snow!!! Your progress on your socks is truly amazing. I am chicken to try that pattern you are using. I am afraid of the two circulars. You are doing great!!! I hope that you were able to get a lot of knitting done since you were snowbound.

Sonya said...

You're making great progress on those socks! I love doing 2 at once; so satisfying when you're done. We were hoping for a mini-blizzard later this week so we could x-country ski. Now they're saying it will be rain. :o(

Have fun with that snowblower!

knittinmom said...

You go, girl! You'll get the hang of it soon enough and then you'll be addicted. It's so nice to finish and not have another sock to do!

That is some serious snow. I miss it (but just a little bit).

amandazen said...

Your toes look great for your first time on two circulars! Stay warm!!


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