Sunday, February 05, 2006

FO Day Seven The Finale

Show Me Your FO!!!

Welcome to the FO Week Finale. I'm amazed at how quickly FO Week went by, and I'm also extremely happy with how it went. When I wrote my post last week and hit send, I wondered if anyone would join. At a dozen participants, I couldn't be happier. I also wondered if I would have the discipline to actually get my WIP's finished up this week. With all of you finishing along with me and inspiring me with your great FOs, I'm happy to say I reached my goal. So, without further ado, the last FOs we have to Show . . .

Jenn is finishing out the week with a FO for herself. It came out great and the color is beautiful.

New FO Weeker Annie joined just in time to show us a lovely sweater for her daughter. I love the little flower she added, such a cute girly touch. Great job, and thanks for joining in to FO with us!!

Chrissy has a final FO with another new design!! This one will be featured in the April edition of Knit Net!!! I'm so proud of all the great designs she's had accepted. Oh, and go give this poor frazzled mom a hug too - she needs one today!!

And now on to my final FO Week FO!! This morning, after it had blocked over night, I put the finishing touches on (which actually means fixed a little mistake I found while blocking) Tie One On!!!

The frontShot of the back
Tie One On
Cast On: September 19, 2005
Completed: February 5, 2006
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa College 29 (main color) and S. Charles Muse 4 (accent color)

I have mixed feelings about this one. First of all, I loved the pattern and would make it again. I loved the texture and feel of the Filatura yarn, but I'm not really loving the color. There are two reasons for that. First, the yarn store I bought the yarn at didn't have a nice selection . . . but I felt pressured to buy one of the colors they had. (Long story, but I never went back there). Also, I had planned this to be kept at work to throw on when the air-conditioning was cranked up, so I was trying to go for something neutral. Of course, I got out of the hell-hole that was that job, so I don't need the neutral shawl. Had I know, I would have knit it to be more glamorous or as an accessory that could make an outfit pop. As for the S. Charles yarn, well, I hated it. Crunchy, fake, plastic feeling . . . but the yarn store didn't have the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk called for in the pattern and pushed some pretty awful yarns on me to substitute. This was the best of the bunch . . .but not so great. What can I say, it was my second ever visit to a yarn store and I felt intimidated and didn't use my best judgment. I would love to knit this again with better yarn in better colors, or maybe even tackle the piquant one.

Between the twelve of us, we managed to finish 22 projects this week!!! We had at least two FOs every day, and on our best day there were FIVE FOs. Thank you all for joining in and sharing your wonderful projects. Winners of the FO Week prizes will be announced tomorrow morning. Good luck to you all.


Jenn said...

Your tie on one looks great! I tried that pattern last fall and couldn't get it to come out right - perhaps now I could try again!

Unknown said...

I loved the week of FOs!! Just wish I had finished something myself. I am getting ready to do the Tie One On too! I love the Alpaca Brush I plan to do mine in. Just need to find that second yarn to work with.

Stephanie said...

I'm only sorry I didn't finish more. But two in a week is a record for me so I'll take it. :)

chris said...

I love your Tie One On!! I know you have mixed feelings about it, but I actually love the color combination and it looks FABULOUS on you!! (What's with the decapitated shot, though? ;-) Show off that pretty face, girl!) It looks like it could easily go from casual to dressy, with great versatility. You really did a fantastic job on it and you cranked those FO's out this week! Everyone did such an awesome job getting those FO's done- I'm just sorry that I wasn't a better KAL'er. Thanks so much for all the wonderful updates and take care! :-)

Noey D. said...

I have to agree...I like your Tie One On too. I'm really into brown this year (brown is the new black, you know!) It looks great!

Jen said...

Hmm, so sorry to miss out on all the fun! I myself finished two FO's from Sunday January 29 to Sunday February 5. (Knitting is therapy after all...) That's a record for me! I'll have to post as a PS to your KAL.

Anyway, your Tie One On looks Fabulous. Congrats to you and all the others who finished projects this week...

Jillio said...

wow, congrats on finally finishing your tie-one-on! i like it! and you know, if you don't care for the neutral, perhaps you can embroider a design on there with some contrasting thread? i'm thinking a gold, glittery spiral pattern of some sort...maybe even with beads? something sparkly...
i feel so bad for not posting a pic of the stuff i finished this week, but i guess you can't help those busy hectic weeks, huh? it was great seeing all the stuff people finished! how impressive that so many people finished things! :) i guess i'll be like jenn and post stuff later as a ps, too.

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