Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Has anyone seen my motivation?

I've come to the conclusion that I must work best under pressure. I thought I would be so organized and ahead of the game this holiday season. You know, no pesky job sucking up all my time. I don't know what actually is sucking up all my time, but I haven't been doing much knitting or blogging, and my shopping isn't done either. I haven't even started making cookie dough. I must admit, I have more presents bought and wrapped than I ever have on December 13th, but I just thought I'd be much farther along at this point.

We did get some snow on Friday, and I took pictures to post and everything. Four days later, here they are! Better late than never?

back yardin the front
Saturday night we went to Pea's company Christmas party. It was the first year guests had to pay for tickets, and it was a much smaller turn-out. But it sure was a lot of fun. We even got some ballroom dancing done - lots of Cha Chas!

You would think a Christmas party would kick me into high gear, but the Christmas knitting hasn't been going so well. It's not going poorly . . . it's just not going much at all. I just can't get myself in gear. Maybe Christmas still feels far off . . . I need to start chanting "CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEKEND, CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEKEND, CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEKEND" and give myself some stress. I had a bright idea to knit little ornaments for a yearly Christmas party we have with my friends. Little sweaters, hats, stockings and bears. Small, easy and quick, right? Not so much. I have a total of ONE done. It's the little bear from IK summer 2005. For some reason, I'm having a much harder time knitting these than I thought I would. Am I reading the directions correctly? Are they really telling me to "(k1f&b) 2 times k1 all in the same stitch"????? Isn't that knitting FIVE STITCHES into one loop? Are they insane? Those of you who have knit these bears too, is that what you did . . . and how the heck did you manage it? As it turns out, I finished the bear, but he looks kind of . . . . weird? Mis-shapen? Odd? All of the above?

It's supposed to be a bearAll of the above. My best cheerleader (Pea) loves it, propped it on his school book while he wrote his paper, and said it's the cutest thing he's every seen. I may try a couple more. I'm planning to knit a little scarf to dress him up a little, and he might look cute on the Christmas tree. For now, I'll just forge ahead on the rest of my Christmas knitting. After all, CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!


chris said...

Gosh, I can't believe that's the scenery outside your house- so beautiful! I know, I know, it's COLD, but let this girl from the tropics have her moment in the snow. ;-) I think it's so neat that you and Pea ballroom dance! I've always wanted to learn, but I can't convince Mr. W to take lessons with me. There is definitely something very debonair about a man who can Cha Cha! And I think your bitty bear is SO cute!!! Actually, it looks just like the one in IK to me, so even though I haven't looked through the directions, I think you're doing it right. I'll bet you can get all your miniatures done in time for the party, too. And man, if I wasn't freaked out already, your mentioning that CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEKEND!! certainly kicked me into high gear!! :-)

knittinmom said...

Christmas is next weekend? I'd better get that Secret Santa gift in the mail! Thank god for priority. I had a little rebellion about my holiday knitting and decided not to do much at all. I just cracked under the pressure.

The bear is totally cute, and yes, you are supposed to knit like five stitches into one stitch (that's what makes the bumps for the nose and the ears - bizarre, but it works).

Olga said...

Oh, man, Karen, thanks for the wakeup call! Sounds like it wasn't just me that totally flipped out when you smacked us with the realization about Christmas. I also cracked under the pressure, like knittinmom. I went from knitting zero presents, to five.

I also totally sympathize with what you're saying about the time suck....I officially am done with coursework and now have to produce a prospectus...yet why is it that every night, I feel like I'm on vacation! Argh! I haven't even gotten my Christmas cards out yet! I've got all this holiday knitting to do!

The bear is super cute! And Pea sounds like such a great guy. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Sweetpea is right....that bear is super adorable! You'll get it down, you always do!

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